Saturday, June 20, 2009

Germany or Bust???

So i just finished talking to my love and he has cut orders for Smith Barracks, Germany!!!!! ?I'm super excited about this but that went away when I did some has a VERY HIGH DEPLOYMENT tendency.

come again.

not really feeling that.

'specially since my love isn't even back from his second tour yet. now i have to think about him going for #3 very soon after he gets back????

me no likey.

He said he could try to see if he could get them changed if I wanted. Part of me say yes, fight it. fight it now.

the other part thinks its an amazing opportunity. Note:the post is about 2 hours away from France!!

I'm totally divided on this. we might not even have a choice. The Army might say tough Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea, your going.

The hubs is leaving it all up to me. He said if I want to go then we will go, if not he will fight it. What the heck??? I told him I want him to be happy too and he said he doesn't care either way.Whats a girl suppose to do???? Id be jumping all over this if it wasn't a high deployment situation. We all know he'd probably be going to Afghanistan next. *shudder* If i could know Id have him home with us for at least a year(or 2) before he'd deploy again, then Id be all for it. My worst fear is to tell him that yes i still want to go and have him not fight it and then a few months after we get there, he deploys.
Do you know how guilty id feel? Not to mention wayyy sad and devastated.
Help my fellow bloggie friends!! What to do ,what to do???
And since I'm throwing everything out there, anyone got any info on Smith Barracks or their time in Germany? Housing? Pets? Household goods? Id like to know as much as I can ahead of time! AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm going craaazy!


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

WOW! What a big decision and one that wouldn't be made easily! I'm am not going to be any help on this one as I'm putting myself in your shoes, while thinking of Robert and I just don't know if I could be okay with knowing he'd be deployed shortly after the move...I think I'd just make the hubs take me to europe for a vacation;p But, that is actually a hope of ours, PCSing there in about 3 years 4 max. Good luck with this one! Sorry I couldn't help more:(

Aubrey Anne said...

Everyone I know who has ever lived there loved it. However, they all had husbands deploy while they were there. I've also heard that it is one of the best posts for military wives getting together and supporting each other... I've heard there's tons of support and that it's beautiful...

But if it were me, I would say no. I would ask him to fight it. But you know how I feel about deployment!!! Our whole goal in the Army was to get out before deployment and that's what we did, so that's always going to be my opinion. My husband's safety and our relationship is always my first priority... but you guys are different than us! So only you can decide. :)

Love you girl, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I got the perfect idea. You move to Daytona Beach with Dad.

Love You all