Monday, June 22, 2009

A Change of Heart

The hubs and I have had a long conversation about the move. I feel better and so we are going to go for it! He's convinced me that it doesn't matter where he is stationed next, he will be deployed again soon.

I figure I might as well be somewhere that will make the year go by fast and Germany( and Paris and Switzerland and Italy) will do just that!!!

We can get cultured people! LOL!
I looked up "places to see in Germany" and there are sooo many amazing things to see. Plus, with my dedication to photography,it will do wonders for my portfolio...
3 years in Europe and classes will be an amazing help to me!!!
Plus, we will be on an Army, post. Excuse me!
It's not like we're going to be dropped of in the middle of Germany having no idea whats is the Army and so that means we can expect a certain level of accommodation as far as privileges and familiarities go.(i.e. commissary, PX, etc)
So, that's the plan for now. As always, the plan is not set in stone. Nothing is in the Army. Ive learned that! :)
Anyways, hope you all had a great Monday.
Ade' !!!!
(Goodbye in German)
I'm definitely going to need to learn more..good thing the MWR gives FREE classes in German! sheesh.


The Mrs. said...

enjoy the new experience! Our only overseas shot is Japan and well, that's highly unlikely. So I shall live vicariously thru your european travels.

Anonymous said...

YAY for you guys. Transferring is always such a endeavor. That's why I decided to get out for now. I just can't get deployed with my kiddos being over here and no one legally to take them.

I can't wait to watch your adventures over there! This is way cool. Then you can start some awesome giveaways with treats from over there! :) LOL!

Teresa said...

We want to go to Germany after our next three years :) So J wouldnt deploy we picked recruiting lol so right now Im at a lose for words thinking about more of a "civilian lifestyle" for a little while.

Aubrey Anne said...

I'm excited for you! Just this morning I was talking to Steve about you guys deciding whether to go to Germany or not, and he said the exact same thing - that with his job, he'll be deployed no matter where they send you! Guess he was right!

You'll have a blast and you'll always get to have those memories (and pictures)! :) Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!!!

Kelly said...

Well, I just sent the bow holder out in the mail today, so I guess you will have two.