Monday, May 18, 2009

I Need Advice---

So Hi!! How was every ones weekend?? Mine was good. We celebrated Mikey's last game with a team party.(see pictures from Saturday if you missed them) I had girls night with Selena and we watched Benjamin Button. Other then that it was a slow, relaxing weekend.

Today, is suppose to be in the 80's.I just watched the news and the weatherman said today through Friday we are looking at mind 80's and sunny conditions!!! Woohoo!! That never happens here in good ol' Kansas....consistent weather that is!

I got on the scale this morning because it has been a while since I weighed myself and what do my surprise do I see?? Nope, not the number smaller people. Yup, you heard me right. My weight has gone up. I now am weighing in at 165.4.

I know that muscle is heavier the fat, but like a great girl ( Mrs. G.I Joe) once said "Its just hard switching your mind set from thinking that the scale going up is a bad thing to a good thing...Very trippy!" I could not agree more!!! My clothes are fitting how they were a few pounds lighter so it has to be good. I haven't been straying from my healthy eating and have been keeping my food journal to keep me in check too.

I will share with you all something. Before I got pregnant with Mikey (my oldest) I weighed 145. That's right people. 145. Of course then I was a stick figure.(i.e. no hips or curves whatsoever,knobby knees, etc) After my kids, I have developed hips!!! Hooray for me. I LOVE them!! When I put in my height and weight on a BMI calculator, it comes back with in the healthy range.

My question to you all is this:

Am I on the wrong mission of trying to lose weight?
Should I be trying to just tone up instead?

The number on the scale has never really mattered to me as much as how I look does. If I weighed 180 and was fit and toned looking ,I would be fine with that. What I'm trying to say is that maybe I am suppose to weigh 165 and just lose body fat. I'm wayy confused and need any and all advice you great ladies and maybe men(besides my love ,of course) can give!!


Anyways, have a great Monday. I will! :)


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

OOOOOOH this is a hard one to swallow! So after I had posted that comment your speaking of, the very next day I got on the scale and I had went down THREE POUNDS! Robert has been telling me from the start to stay off the scale as I'm going to be doing the up and down thing for sometime and that I will eventually level out...I finally KNOW that I'm just gaining muscle and am not so worried when I go up anymore. I would suggest finding a healthy weight that you feel good at but that still makes you look like a woman:p Go from there and just tone up! I'm pretty much there. I look like a stick at 122 so my goal is to (appear) 127 but really weigh more because I am toned. Make sense? Just because the scale says a number your not comfortable with doesn't mean you (look) that heavy:) Hope this helped!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

its totally helped! i think i need to focus on toning up! i def. dont want to look like im 16 again lol with no curves! thanks soo much for the advice! i really appreciate it!
and go you for dropping 3 pounds! your hubby makes sense as far as the yo yo with the weight..maybe i will avoid the scale for a month and see how i feel when im not worried about the numbers!! have a great day!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jen! :) I will tell you that I only weigh 141 right now. But I am wearing size 12's. Ugh. I am so out of shape! 141 is a good weight for me, but the shape of my body is wah. So now I am working on my core! Very KEY! :) Hope that helps!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

ive heard that about the core. im wearing size 9 now, but 99% of my issue is my belly. its a spare since ive been running these last 2 months it has gone wayyy down but i hope im not stuck with it forever! ugh. thanks for the advice an d good luck to you too! :)

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Well great! Glad it helped:p I think your smart by staying off the scale for a bit...Pay more attention to your body shape rather then those numbers...They can really throw you into a down hill tail spin when all it is, is your body loosing fat then gaining muscle, which we all know weighs more! Thats the yo yo effect your seeing...Keep it up! I want to see you keep succeeding! Key to loosing that spare tire is to build the abs up and keep up the cardio (running) I built a really strong core when I was seventeen and have since slacked off on it but my core still remains strong and so when I gain weight it stays away from my belly and goes to less muscled up areas like my butt and thighs...Ick...Best defense is to build that muscle and it really does appear fast when you give it an honest go...Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd say have sex 5 times a day, but with that belly that would be kinda' difficult, huh? Not many guys like a big belly on a girl. When I was fat, it took a while to lose it, and then when my hubby would deploy I'd keep it off with what I mentioned above. You only live once honey!

MRS Jen McNeil said...

WOW!well, where to start. i suppose with the cheating idea. That is a definate NO from me!! I am in love with my husband and have no desire whatsoever to have another man. As for you cheating on your husband, well thats your business but I find it repulsing! He is sacrificing so much for you and our country and that is how you re pay him?? WOW. But hey, I dont know your back story, maybe it was a mutual descion. I will put my judgements on hold. Do you have any useful advice? (i.e.exercises or anything..not including sex,well until my husband is home, lol) And just to state the 5'10" and weight 165. My belly isnt like some huge thing that gets in the way during sex. LOL. just a lil chub leftover from the babies...and a poor diet. But im on the trail to fixing it! :)

NUGHT said...

hahahahahah........ thats funny...

hey boring.... why do you have a blogger acount but no blog... what up with that