Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AH HA!!!!

So I did a lot of reflecting on my last post yesterday, and I've decided to just keep on doing what Ive been doing. I mean Ive lost almost 15 pounds running ,eating healthy and keeping my food journal. My hubby told me" Baby, just keep doing what your doing and you will lose it. It takes time." Ive been on the healthy "kick"(even though I'm making it a permanent way of life now) for 2 months(on the 22nd) It seems like a Lot longer then that though. So I guess that 14 pounds in 2 months in pretty darn good, huh? That's 7 pounds a month . I should stop complaining and be happy that Ive lost as much as I have already!!!

Anyways, I ran a 9:25 mile this morning already!!! That's super fast for me!! ( about 6.2 mph on my treadmill) I'm pretty impressed with myself because I totally didn't feel like runnin that early.(i ran from 7:40 to 7:50) All before I dropped Mikey off at school. I feel great now!! I just made homemade whole wheat waffles for me and Zachary.MMM.MMM.MMM!! I'm on whole wheat everything now...rice, bread, mmmmmm!!! I feel so much fuller then when I use to eat white bread.

Enough about my running though.(for now..hehehe)

Yesterday Mikey had the health class I talked about a few posts ago. I asked him how his day was and this is the convo we had:

"Hey Doo. How was school today"
"Good. Guess what?"
"We have a Field Day on the 21st."
"Ohhh. That's will be soo much fun! What did you learn about in school today?"(hint hint, right?)
"We learned how to wash a baby."
"You did?? Well, how do you wash a baby?"
"you wash his hair, his arms, his toes, his pe*is. his legs."
"oh wow. That's right. You have to wash all those parts to get baby clean."
"OK mom. I don't want to talk about it anymore.''

HAHAHHA! He did way great! I thought he was going to be embarrassed but he wasn't. When we got home, my love was on the computer and we just got a headset so we can talk computer to computer.(hubs laptop has a built in microphone) Mikey wanted to talk and proceeded to tell Daddy about what he learned. He told Daddy that "its not something to laugh about." When Michael heard that he busted out laughing. LOL! It was sooo funny. Apparently Mikey's teacher had to give the lecture about it not being funny. That in itself, to me, is funny. I get that they are Kindergartner's though, so it was probably needed for some kids. My Mikey is a very respectful kid and follows the rules. He knows his rights and wrongs.

Anyways, not much on the agenda today. I have to make a commissary run for more formula for The Princess..she's been an eating machine lately!! Other then that, NOTHING! Yess!! I love days where I can just go with the flow and do whatever suits me.Ok, so enough rambling..I'm off to finish up my waffles and knock out some push-ups! :)


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

WOO HOO! I think I've only ran a 10:30 minute mile once or twice let alone a 9:25! Way to go! I sometimes worry about how slow I am right now but I've stopped worry about that so much and am concentrating on just getting in the distance...Its working for me so far so I can't even begin to tell you my time right now because I never look at my time anymore, its too depressing:p HA HA! Sounds like your having kick ass day girl! Way to go:)

Aubrey Anne said...

LOVE this signature!!! SO CUTE! (and so mad I didn't think of it first, lol!)

You are doing so great, Jen, 14 lbs in 2 months is AMAZING and the 9:25 mile, wow!!! I hope I can do so well after my 3rd baby! :)

So glad nothing traumatic happened with Mikey's "education" lol! :)

The Mrs. said...

mmmmmmmm waffles. We dont get those around here since all the eggless ones just suck. I've been putting whole wheat flour in a lot of homemade things and you cant really even tell the difference. Or at least the kids havent complained about it. yet.