Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is another dreary day here in Kansas. The high will only be 55 and its grey and rainy. This is a great day to just veg out. I however have to go to the commissary for some groceries. Other then that, not much to do. I have gained back 2 pounds since I had my brother up. That's a bummer. I mean I know it's not a tons, but it signifies me, falling off the wagon. I haven't ran or exercise in two weeks. Two. I feel wayyyy achy. My back, legs, in between my shoulder blades. I know it's because I haven't been exercising. Well, that will change today. After I hit the commissary I am going to run run run!!!! I hate the thought of it, but always feel so strong and healthy after words. Wish me luck...I'll need it.LOL!

Yesterday on my way home from dropping off my brother at the airport, I saw a man (directly behind me) hydroplane. It was the scariest thing ever. I watched in my rearview as the little blue car going 70 on the highway all of a sudden made a sharp 90 degree turn off into the ditch. I saw someone pull over to help him out, so I kept going. I feel a bit guilty for not stopping. I justify it to myself that I am by myself wayyy far away from home with 3 kids in the van. Maybe not the safest thing to do. But he just flew off the road..he's probably not going to kidnapp us. I dunno. I feel better because someone stopped so I knew he was being helped. It was pouring so hard most of the way home and so after I saw that, I drove 60 until the rain stopped. It still freaks me out. That's the kind of stuff I see on the news. Ive never seen anything like that happen in person. I wish I didn't. It defiantly makes you stop and think. I told all the kids I loved them after that..just in case something did happen they would know it.

Life's short and yesterday made me remember it. Nothing is guaranteed.Tell the ones you love that you love them.Don't worry about the small things. Everything can change in a minute.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your last paragraph there :)

I need to get back on the exercise wagon! Yikes rough times!