Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hip Hip Horray!!

So good morning everyone!! I come this morning with fabulous news!! Can you guess what it is? Nope. I didn't hit the lotto.
My love is not coming home early.
hmmm......keep guessing.
No, I didn't buy a new desk or get contacts( thats on Friday)
Unfortunately, it's not that my mom is coming to visit



The suspense is killing you I'm sure!

So, remember a few posts ago I was down in the dumps because my weight has gone up and I got awesome tips on what to do??? Well, you guessed it! My weight has went wayyyy down! I've 2.2 pounds as of this morning!!!!!! I'm now weighing in at 162.6. Only 2.6 pounds away from my original goal!! ( which is going to be revised soon to be 150!! Almost my before-I-had-my-lovely-babies weight!)

It proves to me that y'all were right about the fact that the numbers would fluctuate for a while!(not that I doubted any of you!)

I'm soo happy! I've put myself on the "neglect"list for wayyyyy to long. Well, NO MORE!!! Its been two months and 2 days since I have started my 'new-way-of life'.......that's how I choose to look at it. Not a diet. That makes me think negatively about what I'm doing. Eating healthy and exercising is amazing. It makes me feel so fulfilled and content.( not to mention pretty darn strong and confident) I've always wanted to be a martial therapist, but now maybe I am thinking about becoming a fitness trainer or something along those lines. I've struggled with my weight ever since I had the kids and now that I'm getting it in check, I'd love to be able to help others....but that's off in the distant future.(ya know, once the kids are all in school) Believe it or not, I was a tiny little thing in High school. Bikini's were my stand-by. I loved it and looked great. My mindset changed when I had Mikey. My attention turned to him and his needs and not mine. That trend just continued right through Zachary as well. What got me going this time was right after I had Hailey I lost 10 pounds in like the first 2 weeks of having her. That was my motivation!! I'm so thankful for that because heart disease runs in my family and I not only want to look sexy but I want to be alive! LOL! I am already on blood pressure meds b/c it is so high.........I'm only 26. Definitely not a good thing. I'm hoping that eventually I can quit taking the meds all together, but I will have to talk to my doctor first. Don't worry y'all I would never never just stop taking it! :)

Anyways, I've done enough rambling on about.....for now! mwhhhhahahaha( that's my evil laugh)

I hope you all have an awesome day and an even better Memorial Day. Tomorrow we are going to the posts ceremony for the fallen. (complete with a 21 gun will be my first.) I have to admit I am quite nervous because I am bringing the kids( I feel it's important) and I hope Zachary can get the whole...hush and have respect thing. He's gonna love the guns and my fear is he's going to scream "cool!" out loud and that's not ok.

We'll see! I will have pictures and a post tomorrow!


Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Thats AMAZING! The suspense really WAS killing me:p I'm so glad that you stuck with your guns and kept going!!!!

NUGHT said...

hey baby.... i dont think your goal should be number orientated... i think it should be driven by how you feel about your self... dont concentrate on a number as much as how you feel about yourself and how you want to look.... i love you the same i did before you lost the baby weight.... you know that.... do this for you, and nobody else

MRS Jen McNeil said...

awww love. i know u love me!! i dont doubt it! i am completly doing this for me...u just get reap the benefits too! xoxoxo

The Mrs. said...

sigh. your numbers go down as mine go up. Its the tougher parts of pregnancy.

Congrats on the weight loss! That's FANTASTIC!

Aubrey Anne said...

Well done!!! I feel the same, though... as your numbers go down, mine go up. I haven't set foot on a scale since I got pregnant cause I'm too terrified to see the numbers... but I know I'm getting huge already. ugh. Anyway, good job and I'm so glad you're doing well!