Monday, April 6, 2009

A chair fit for a Princess and Mommy's Beautiful Flowers, and A Crafty Bug!

This is Princess Hailey's first( and probably only) Bumbo! I got it off and its AMAZING!! She's loving sitting all the way up! She looks super sweet in it too!

Here's proof:

I picked out some wonderful flowers!!!! Tulips,and a bromelaid and...well I have no clue what the white one you?? Please enlighten me because it smells HEAVENLY!!!

This is what I mean by a crafty Bug!!! He drew himself a mask. No, not on paper...LOL!!( that wouldn't be nearly as cute or clever)

**yes, the boys does have his tighty whities on!!!** Just threw that in there for ya, Mom!!


tripletsmake6 said...

I loved the Bumbo seats. They saved us at feeding time when the babies were small. She is so sweet! My Emma was the first to learn how to get out of that seat! So if she's a careful! LOL

Anonymous said...

I believe the white flowers are Hyacinth flowers....

I love Zack's mask.... too funny.
Hailey looks so cute in that chair... adorable!


The Mrs. said...

oh i loved the bumbo! It was a life saver.

My youngest is very "creative" as well.... I'm thinking of painting a chalkboard wall in their room.

our family said...

Oh we love our Bumbo chair, too!

And my three year old drew on a mustache yesterday, so he could "wook wile my daddy". Never mind that Daddy'd is black, like his hair but our little guy used a GREEN marker ... good grief! :-)