Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I See The Moon and a bunch of Teeth!!

The boys had a dentist appointment. Just a cleaning....they actually asked me to take pictures so Daddy could see them being "big boys"! Awwww! So, here they are.

Mikey with the dental hygienist's shades on! ( haha she babied him b/c" the light was too bright")

My buggie!!!! The hygienist said she has never seen a 3 year old behave so well! ( what she didn't see was him and his brother raising holy cane out in the waiting room for 35 minutes!!)
Look!! He's smiling at the spinning toothbrush! Awww!
This was last night's moon. It was AMAZING in person, but I got tired of trying to figure out which of my millions of modes would work best. It was freezzzzing out, so I gave up. This is all I got! Ugh, such a bummer because it was beautiful!!!

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