Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Boy Charts and A Day at the Park

The boys, well mostly Zachary, have been totally not listening to me lately. Who am I kidding??? Zachary has always tested me and defied me. I'm fed up with it so I pitched them the idea of "the good boy chart." They both seemed thrilled! They will get one sticker per day if they were considerate of each other( no screaming" leave me alone" or "i don't like you") and if they(Zachary) does what I tell him the first time( no making me count to three) and no sassing and temper tantrums.

His rules are:

  • No crying
  • No screaming
  • Listen to Mommy, one time

He seems really pumped about it and had fun watching me get it all made. Their reward for getting 3 stickers is to pick a prize out of the "treasure box". ( candy, bubbles, hotwheels cars, etc) We will eventually work up to 5 stickers( M-F) but we will see how this goes first.

Anyways, here's pictures of their chart.......

Today was a beautiful 60 degree day out so off we headed to the park!! The weathers suppose to stay nice and for the 1st day of Spring Break, we're looking at a whopping 70 degrees!! Woooohooo!! Hope everyones having a great Saturday!

oh and Miss Hailey............................................has found................

Toys in her mouth!!!!!!!! awwwwwww!!!!


..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

We do the good boy chart too! How cool is that? Great minds think alike, haha.

I'm jealous of your nice weather. It was all of 40 here today. Blah.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, the kids are getting soooo cute and what a beautiful babe you have.

thinking about your little zach. I just know he's going to be fine.

love yah