Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seperate Rooms

Zachary's new room Mikey's new room

Ever since we have lived here ( almost 2 years) the boys have shared a room. Well, for the last like month, Mikey has been consistently telling me he wants " to be by himself" and not play with his brother. On top of it, they would fight alot whenever they "played" together and at night when Mikey would try to be sleeping because he had school in the morning, Zachary being the ever-so-considerate child he is, would be yelling, turning on the lights and tv and trying to wake Mikey up.......not a good thing. Mikey's been doing amazing at school and I don't want that to start changing because he's to exhausted to concentrate in school.......................soooooooooo
Friday night I went to Walmart and picked out paint. Zacharys color is called Sea Holly and Mikey's is Red Pepper. I went straight to Walmart after picking Mikey up at school and came right home. I got started around 5 pm that night. Now I'm the type of person that cannot leave something un-finished, so I was up till 1 am finishing it all up. There's some more things I want to get for the room, but you know....waiting for the tax return! hahaha. I did Mikey's room on Saturday as soon as I got up and finished getting the kids breakfast and all settled with some video games. I put 3 coats....that's right people....THREE.....coats of paint on Mikey's wall. Why so many you ask???? Well, me being the super organised gal I am, assumed I had a paint roller around here....well guess what??? WRONG!!!! So i spent hours painting with this little tiny brush paintbrush [deviantart] Pictures, Images and Photos
and it kept looking streaky.I'm a slow learner apparently because ever time I got done with a coat I'd say "well just one more coat and it should cover." hahaha. Whatta schmuck!!! Anyways, I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby soon and get some shelves and things. I'm also going to get Mikey a new comforter set/curtains. I think he's sorta out growing the Spiderman thing.
Anyone have any suggestions??? What do you think would look good with the colors and still have it be a bit more grown up???
All in all, their first night in their own rooms went AMAZING! I'm working on teaching them to respect each others spaces and asking for permission to go in the others room....ahhhhhhh. A mothers work is never done!!!!

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..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Great job! I'm still trying to figure out what color to go with in our boys' room. But, I just got done painting our living room- I'm all painted out for the moment, lol.

I'm sure whatever else you decide to add will be fabulous :) Make sure you post pictures of your updates! Maybe you can give me some ideas.