Monday, February 23, 2009

My Poor,Sick Zachary

I feel soooo bad for this little boy. The sick bug is going around at school-again- and Mikey had a slight touch of it but after a few days, was fine. (And yes, that's a puke bowl! Lol.)

But not my poor Bugga Boo!

He was less then his normal wild self yesterday, so i knew it was coming. Yup, you guessed it. Last night after dinner ( penne pasta, garlic bread, and salad) and his shower ( of course) and story time in the story chair.....Zachary threw up everywhere! The poor thing was in his bed nearly asleep when it happened. Needless to say, his little jammies, pillow and every single blanket and sheet were slopped with pasta and milk. Ewwwww!

I will spare anymore detail because most you you moms( and some dads) get whats it's like to clean up kiddy puke.......ugh!

Hopefully Mikey and Hailey will be spared this nasty bug. Although thats not how these things usually work. Hailey already has the sneezes and we will see.
I'm off to be Super Mom for the day and tend to my poor babies every little need...Kissing his boo boo belly, cleaning puke( which I've done once this morning and it's only 7:45 a.m.) and giving out lots of cuddles and sympathy.

Hopefully this nasty little sickbug will maake its way out of my house...and rapido!!! :)


tripletsmake6 said...

Hey there girl. It's Eileen. Sandy's daughter. I hope you remember me. I've been talking to Tim on Facebook. You have BEAUTIFUL childre! How have you been?

The Mrs. said...

i hope he's feeling better soon. We have major ickies in our house and its never ever ever fun.