Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Conferences and Bookfair Time!!!

Books, Books and more....BOOKS!!!
I remember when I was younger, when it would come time for the book fair I would be so excited.( along with my brothers) My mom always made it so special and fun. We'd go to the gym at E.Green Elementary in CT and spend hours, literally hours, looking through all the different books and picking out ones that we were wayy excited about. We'd go home and get ready for bed and my mom would let us pick out which book we each wanted to read and we would all sit on the couch together and read read read!
Looking back, 4 books is a lot to read at one time!!! I give her such credit for being an amazing mom. I have nothing but great memories of growing up.

That's why Im sooo excited that tonight is my turn. I get to make my boys just as excited to read as my mom did for me! It's so amazing to get to a place in my life where I realize that I parent the way my mom parented me.( although she has way more patience) My traditions are her traditions. They are things my brothers and I did growing up that I now do with my boys.

She describes it as things "coming full circle". I haven't reached that full circle-ness yet. That will happen for me once my kids have kids.
Anyways, I will bring my camera tonight while we are there and will hopefully capture so great firsts!

Parent/Teacher Conference
Before we head to the much anticipated book fair, we must attend, dun dun dun.....................
Mikey's conference!
I'm not worried because he's been doing awesome and we have seen improvement in almost everything.( not that he was behind, but he is continuing to grow) He's a very polite and respectful boy and I'm pretty confident that this conference, like the others, will go just fine.


So as I predicted, Mikey is doing WONDERFUL in school. His teacher said he is above his level in reading, addition and writing!!!!! WOOOOO! that's my boy!! She told me she has absloutley no concerns about him whatsoever!

As his reward for getting an excellent report card, this Saturday we will all go to the movies!!!
Im so proud and cannot wait to tell Daddy..I know he's going to be just as proud!

Here's some pictures from dinner at Sonic and the sunset after the bookfair!


The Mrs. said...

oooh I love love love book fair. We went to the one at dash-1's school on back to school night and we bought a ton of books. And oddly enough we were the only people to do so. Its a shame more dont love to read. Enjoy passing on your love to your kids!

ps. there is a great giveaway for moms and babies at my blog!

tripletsmake6 said...

Good luck at the fair. You made me remember how great the book fair was when we were that age. And I agree that once you have your own children, you tend to look at your own Mother differently. I appreciate all those little things she did. And it the greatist to be able to share them with your own. Your sharing your "traditions" with your kids.