Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the season...for 60 degree Weather----

My moms time here is nearing an end. She wrapped up her presents and put them under the tree. Yesterday was 62 degrees out!!!! IN DECEMBER!!! My mama decided that instead of waiting to give the boys a present( batman scooters) she would give them to the boys early so they could enjoy them........

in this picture my moms explaining to the kids that they could choose if they wanted to open a present now or wait till Christmas.....i bet you can guess what their choice was!!!!I LOVE this picture! He was soooooo happy!Look at Mikey's face...hahaha priceless!trying out the new scooters He was soo mad and telling me"dont take picture of me" hahaha...i dont listen very well...hheheheMaking Christmas Links with Mimi
And last but not least...our baby girls first bath!!!
Im sooo glad that my mom has been here through all this for me. I hope she can come back often and visit. We are having a blast!!!

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Anonymous said...

the pics are wonderful,love the beth pic,she looks so alert. the boys look like they're enjoying themselves. When do you expect to see Mike, he must be so anxious to get home to see his new girl, his two boys and of course, his beautiful wife. Dena is still hanging on, expecting a call at any time now. can't wait.

love yah