Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures Around the House and Christmas Tree Time!!

This is the very first outfit I bought for her when I found out we were having a GIRL!!! aww
Look at this precious little girl! gosh. im sooo blessed! :)

MIMI and Hailey

Sunrise view from my backyard

LOVEEE this! ( Hailey's one week old, today, in this picture!! i cant believe it)

We were hanging decorations on the tree and Zachary tripped and fell in an empty box. He freaked out but we were all cracking up! Poor kid !hehe

Hanging ornaments with the boys
Tree shoppingTree shopping
I had to take this because Mikey looked like one of Santa's elves to me!


Anonymous said...

the pics are great, she is so beautiful. looks like the boys are having a good time with the tree,also the box HA.

you & Mike have such a beautful family.

love yah


Aubrey Anne said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA OK First of all, Mikey totally looked like Santa's elf, how cute! And your baby Hailey is so adorable!!!! I HATE that I don't get to hold her!!!

The Mrs. said...

CONGRATS!! I'm late as always but congrats and enjoy your little bundle of PINK!