Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got My Chair!!!

You can't really see it but its an oversized chair and ottamon...what'd you expect..its a pic. from my cell AND it was rainy and gray out all day!!!

and I'm thrilled about it!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Sarah's the best for bringing it over and lugging it in....and thanks to Zayne too.lol. I will try to get a pick of it with my phone tomorrow!! The one below is how it looks except mine is a dark blue cloth color, but you get the point! I think I will NEVER sit on my couch again! haha.

I heard from my hubby for like a total of 5 min. He sounds bored ou of his mind and tired but thats to be expected.

Boys are good. Zach's a handful whenever people come over. He likes to show off....ugh. Mikey was singing the sweetest song he was singing to daddy tonight.

"I miss you in my heart. in my heart i always love you. no matter what. it doesnt matter where you are. you always love us and we love you. you snuck your way right into my heart. i love you no matter what. your so handsome. you will never be out of my family. you always love us and we love you too. and you never hurt us or make us bleed or spank our butts to hard and you never hurt us unless we're wrestling. you are apart of our family. i love you too. you love us.even mommy and zachary even copey even God. ..."

He's sitting right here singing that to me. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Well. till tomorrow......


Aubrey Anne said...

Chair? Did I miss a step? lol

And for some reason Myspace isn't letting me sign in to my account, so if you wrote me anything and I didn't respond, that's why!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoy the chair as much as I did!!! Don't forget to record that cute song and send it to Mike!! He'll LOVE it! What a sweetie pie.

Aubrey Anne said...

NOW I can comment on the chair! :) It's awesome!!! I'm way jealous! I can just see you curling up on that chair and reading under a blanket... makes me want to come over right now and read on your chair!