Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Have A S-S-Sounder O-Outter on Our Hands!!

So way back when when we had our open house at Mikey's school, Miss Strohmeyer told us that she was teaching the kids to sound out letters and not teaching them the names of the letters....strange I thought( & still do) She said that it helps the kids learn to read if they first know what sound each letter makes. She also said to not be surprised if your kid came home just going " a-a-a-apple" or "s-s-s-snake"....that was a good sign.


For the past few days( but especially today for some reason) Mikey has been doing just that.
Great i thought...annoying but great! To me it sounds like he's reverting back to baby talk, but hey.......Then yesterday, he was looking through his book and had a sheet of paper and was copying down the letters. He wrote down d-a-d and came to sound them out for me.


I asked him what word that spells and he sounded it out like 3 more times until he announced " DAD!!!!!!! It spells DAD!!!" It was the cutest thing ever! Ever since then, Ive been writing words down in his notebook like "cat" "log" "dog" "hat" get the picture. He's been sounding them out and doing great( for the most part) He's really frustrated with him self because he's been trying ALL day (literally, people) to write down his own words........he brings down his paper that looks like this:


Then he asks ME to sound them out and tell him which word it is. Its the saddest thing really, cuz they aren't words yet!!! I sound out the letters for him and then he asks what it is. I told him that it didn't spell anything and that it was a bunch of letters together.(as nicely as possible of course) He looked like I told him that there would be no trick-or-treating this year, followed by a "you broke my heart mommy" look. I explained to him that this was the first step in him beginning to recognize words and being able to read them and that the writing part of it would come soon and that pretty soon he'd be reading to me! That surely perked his sad self up!!! LOL. He went right back to practicing sounding out the words. I'm so proud of him!Hopefully we will have a reader before the year is over!!!!! :)

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Aubrey Anne said...

I LOVE it!!! My Josh has been doing all the same things and I absolutely adore it. Every time I turn around I can hear him trying to sound things out. yesterday he wrote "mom" and said they'd been learning at school about M's and now he knows how to write my name. I love it!