Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Baby Baby!!

So, most of my family( and Bubby & Freddy) have been asking what they could get for Hailey. Well, I've composed a list at . In order for everyone to see what she needs/wants, scroll down to where it says looking for a registry . I registered with my full name & under Home state type in Kansas. It should pull up my registry.
Now by no means should anyone, and I do mean ANYONE feel obligated to buy's just easier when people ask if Ive sat down and thought it through. Plus, its kinda a list of me too.(things I need to get)
Some things that are not on there are:

  • Girly Bibs
  • Bottles.I prefer Advent, but am totally not picky
  • Diapers-preferably Luvs Newborn

I cant believe that I have just about 8-9 weeks left till our little girly is here!! I'm sooo excited an can't wait!

Hugs and Kisses and Love to All~~~~

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