Friday, June 3, 2011

T minus 2 days---

The time is unpon us. I am typing to you all from the Lagerhof Hotel. Yes, we cleared housing!!! We leave here early Sunday morning to fly back to the States. Its a bittersweet feeling honestly. On one hand, I will get to be around my family again. On the other, I am officially seperated. Honestly, Im ready. It is obvious that we just are not good for each other at this point in our lives. Hopefully this time apart will help, not hurt us.

Only time will tell.

I broke my toe. My big toe.Funny story. Nnot really, but still.  After we cleared housing,  we had a bunch of food we brought over here to the hotel.{we have a kitchenette in our room} Michael was handing things through the window to me and didnt notice the hole in the bottom ofone bag. Well, guess what happened??? I big ol' jar of jelly fell out and landed smack dab in the middleofmy big toe. Can you say "kill me now?!?!" It hurt so so so bad. It still does as a matter of fact! Im not going to the dr till we get Stateside because I do not wanna fly {10 hrs} with a big ole cast on.Can you say uncomfortable???

Anyways, tomorrow we are going to Zacharys girlfriends early bday party. Her mama moved ot up JUSTso we couuld be there! How sweet right?!!?

So I will touch base with you all once we are back in the good old US of A!!!

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