Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Updates

Hey all. Whats up??? Not much going on here on this semi -productive Sunday. As usual, Sundays here are filled with getting ready for the week to come. This means cleaning,laundry,making lunches,checking homwork and any paperwork that needs to be turned in, is know. The usual.

It's beau-ti-ful here today! 70 something Im sure of it!! Went for a walk the my pretty princess early this morning {10 a.m} up to the PX. Got some new sockies for the boys. {the no show kind that are a MUST when wearing shorts} undies for Hailey and my new calorie counting notebook.

Now, it's nothing spiffy. Just a plain old notebook with college ruled paper...but the cover is very loverly. So far I have lost 6 lbs. I accredit it to my food log. Really, I do. I find that writing down every.single.calorie. helps me stay focused on what I am eating and makes making healthier choices easier. If I don't right it down, I just shove things in my pie hole like crazy."eh, this cant be too bad calorie wise" {I say as I proceed to devour 6 oreos lol}

True story. Ive yo-yo'd for years now and I am ready to walk the dog folks. No more yo-yo-ing here. Not for this lady. Plus, I have great motivations besides teaching my kids to eat healthy......the beach. Seeing that today is May 1st already,we could realistically be out of here in 3 weeks. EEK! My mom totally didnt get a chance to go over to the apartments yet, but I will pester her some more this week....bwhahaha. My poor mama! :)

That leads me into stuff with the hub. Not much new there. He told me his counsler wanted to do a counseling session with his, so Wednesday is the big day. Im hoping this will be good for us to clear the air and actually get some proactive steps to resolving someof our unresolved issues we have with each other. We'll see. Believe you me, I will keep you peeps UTD. {up to date}

Oh and the lady from the nanny job emailed me back saying that she had someone starting this week, but she would like to keep my contact information just in case it doesnt work out. I gave it to her and told her thank you. As much as that job would have been great, I hope this new nanny works for them. Finding someone that makes you and your child feel at ease is no easy task. Im still scouring Daytona Craigslist to see if I can find any job offers, but to me, it mostly seems like spam ads.....

Oh well.

Im probably just wasting time looking there anyways, because more then likely I will have to wait till Im actually in Florida to get a job......


There goes my plan for having everything all lined up.....
I will leave you all with a few pictures from the boys' game on Saturday.{yesterday} They kicked butt again. :)

 This is Zachary's GIRLFRIEND Ashlynn. Im not even kidding guys. We had to bribr him with BK in order to get this picture! LOVE it!

PS--I know there arent any pics of the game. I did watch.....I get distracted when the other teams bats LOL!!!

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