Friday, May 20, 2011

I Heart Faces--Fix It Friday

                             Before                                          After

What a cuuute photo! I personally left the red around her mouth becuase it shows she actually eating {and loving} the lollipop!!

Anyways---heres a step by step of how I got my edit:

1. File>Open As> Camera Raw>Open Image
2.Exposure set to-0.05
    Blacks, 4
   Brightness, +1
   Contrast, +6
   Clarity, +9
3. Open Image in PSE 8
4. Run Coffeeshop's Sunny Pop Action {made no changes}
5.  Merge
6. Run Coffeeshop's baby Powder Room action
     *Smooth Skin layer-used soft, white 65 px brush and smoothed skin on face. Set Opacity to 80%
       *Lighten Skin Layer-lightened skin under eyes. Set opacity to 30 %
       *Eye define layer- define eyes and lollipop
7. Merge
8. Zoom in {100%} on eyes. Grab lasso tool and select the brown part of the eyes.
9. Layer> New Adjustment layer> Brightness/contrast
     * Brightness, 90
      * Contrast, -50
10. Merge
11.Zoom out to 50%
12. Run Paint the Moon's Vanilla Pop Action
13. Merge
14. Enhance>Unsharp Mask
     * Amount,98%
      * Radius, 6.1 pixels
      * Threshold, 147 levels.
15. SAVE!

Hope you enjoyed the process! I must admit I LOVE PSE!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and head on over to I Heart Faces to check out some more takes on this great photo!

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