Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ducks In A Row

As the title suggest...our ducks are all in a row! Tickets are set, household goods are packing on the 25th and 26th, oyr van is shipping the 31st.....and we are outta this house on June 1st!!!

All day I was on a cleaning kick. I was Magic-eraser-ing all the walls.Man oh man, I'll tell ya....YUCK! I didnt realize just how bad the walls were until I started cleaning them. Dirty nasty little handprints everywhere!!! I went through 2 erasers on the kitchen cabinets and walls and I managed to get 4 out of the 8 walls in our hallway. Then, poof, Magic Eraser isn't so magic anymore. Dont get me wrong.....I LOVE it1 It gets out pen and crayon and even permanent marker.....things a regualr sponge wont touch, but there is one huge downside.
Once you get through cleaning everything like a crazy person, the eraser starts to crumble.


I wish the awesome folks over at the lab would make a way for the crumbling to not happen.

---Anyways, I so did not intend do talk that much about the Magic Eraser. :)

Tomorrow is Field Day for Mikey and Zach. I remember last year when we went and it was just Mikey's field day.Now I have 2 boys who get to go! Unbelieveable. Im excited and cant wait to show you some pictures from the {sure to be awesome} day.

As for Michael and I, things are still the same. Civil. Seperate. {with the night time routine of watching a movie in bed together...not touching at all. Have you seen No strings attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natlie Portman?? If not please do! Its great!} It's weird. We love each other. I know it and so does just seems weird to not touch. No hugs, kisses or backrubs. No more I love you's or calling me baby {unless he "forgets" and calls me it}

It's a bittersweet feeling I tell you. But it's like my mama said to me.

This is a new chapter in our book.....its not the end of the book yet.

Thanks mama. I hope you are right!
Till next time folks!

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