Friday, April 22, 2011

Eight Years ago Today........

my Mikey was born and I experienced true unconditional love. It is an amazing feeling to love someone soo so much. Here's some pictures from today.....

Royal, Hailey's friend.LOVE this little boy!!!
 Cake anyone?!?!
 Love this picture...and she loves the ball!
 Mikey sharing his birthday present {double nerf blasters} with his brother. Look they are ganging up on their sister...lucky for them, she didnt mind! ;)
 My friend Kerri and her son Royal having some fun in the sun
 You got somethin to say?!?! Say it and I shoot!
 Cake! Michael made the red roses that came on the cake into a baseball in celebration of his forst game tomorrow!!! {team colors are black and red!}
 Look its my BIRTHDAY BOY!!!
 Blowing out the candles and makin a wish!

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