Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cleaning out the Crib

Thats what I did today. Cleaned the crib.

Not the baby crib y'all.....the house. hehehe.

My appointment with my PCM went so so well! She is the kind of Dr.who actually cares about her patients. We aren't numbers or charts. We're people.She did a very complete check of my spine and had me test my range of motion. {The other dr I saw about 2 weeks ago did none of that!!!} She said that it's my spine. You can see the curve with your eye. Ive had scholiosas since highschool but never had any type of treatment. My Xrays from last visit turned up nothing. She said the only thing that she did see was a narrowing of the disks in my spine.....which comes from.....

wait for it------

wait for it----------



Yeah Im getting old. Old Old. Bwhahahahaha! Turns out narrowing of the disks as you get older is normal. Who woulda thunk it?!?!?! ;)

I also got a referral for behavioral health. I need to see a counsler. With the seperation alone, it would be wonderful to getsome stuff out and gets unbiased opinions about our situation. Then there is my anxiety and low self esteem and my trust issues....

I don't know what's up,but I feel more okay with the seperation today. But thats today. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster that just keeps going and going and going. We are still being nice.After all.we do love each other. We watch movies at night still together, but its not a cuddly cute like we use to....theres a space between us on the bed now.....:(

Its pretty sad when you think about it. Living "seperated" but in the same house is so hard. Urgh. Still no news with anything about the med board process. His work hasnt even said anything to him about his dr. P3-ing his ankles. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Tuesday is going to be a sad and strange day. Tuesday is Michael and I's 8 year wedding anniversary and 9 years together. {we chose april 12th because thats the day we started dating and figured it would be cool to get married on the day we started dating so every year another year would be added on to both...hope that made sense.LOL}  The weather here has been beautiful. Close to 70 and sunny. Soooo loving it.

Well y'all...things are slowly looking up around here I suppose. I will be back when I have something to actually write about......

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