Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the Dilly, Yo?

Sorry I have been basically M.I.A for a while. Been super duper busy with all sorts of daycare stuff, and ya know...raising my kids....

Anyways, I will jump right in and show you all just what has been keeping me sooo busy daycare wise. Ready? OK! ( yes I just channeled my innner 7th grade cheerleading self!)


When I saw this calendar, I knew it was something I had to steal  recreate! I have been browsing her amazing site for dayssss now. I cannot say enough wonderful things. She is such an inspiration to me in my daycare adventure!

Head on over to Counting Coconuts and check out how she homeschools her son! ( and helps others like me with creative ideas) You can see her (way better) calendar of my inspiration on her sidebar......just sayin'!

I will not be starting till mid November or so, so I made this calendar accordingly.

 I will gave different tags for different holidays and seasons....i.e. Christmas will have trees, February will have hearts...etc. The littlr dangly thing is to show what day we are on.

I have been making labels for my toy bins and art supplies......
It's really easy peasy to do. Just go to Toys R Us website and search for your desired toy. Save it to your computer once you find it. Open it in MS Word, add the font and saying of your choice, print and

(minus the grainy quality...Ignore the fact that Hailey was taking photos and jacked up the settings...please!)

You. Are. Done!
It's really quite fun! ( but then again, I'm an organizing n.e.r.d. so.......)

I have also been setting up for Free Play Activities. In the baskets are arts and Craft Things: Feathers, Stencils, Stickers, Scrap Paper strips and clip art. I still need sooo much more: glitter, pipe cleaners, watercolors, crayons, markers, colored pencils.....the list goes on. (believe me folks, it does!)

My hubs alwayd buys the boys the six pack, glass bottles of root beer when we go to the commisary. They LOVE it and feel so cool when they drink them.(dont know why, b/c neither my hub or i drink beer)
I thought the holders would make perfect caddys to hold the "need to access NOW" items.....paintbrushes, pens, pencils.....and eventually (before I open) markers, and colored pencils . This is the for now picture that I am daring to post.....

I just sprayed painted it a flat, black color and volia`! Insta-caddy!!!


This is the little piece of furniture I have dividing the Quiet Area from the rest of the setup. I love it.

Our class rules.....well they will be when I actually get kids LOL!

This is a great little game that develops fine motor skills and develops math skills as well. I used empty egg cartons for the holders. The kids will scoop the right amount of rocks into the corresponding hole. Anyone have a good name for this game???

Whew...and thats not even all of it. I have like 5 color activity bags, a homemade (sort of) drum and homemade playdough too! I told you  Ive been one busy mama!

Nw onto some pictures of my super adorable ( but diva-ish) daughter Hailey!

This is Hailey's chair where she does "rock a baby" She eill rock herself to sleep in this. (yes, she as been choosing this over going to sleep in her bed, which is okay with me for the least she's sleeping in her own room!)

(this one taken earlier this month)

(this one taken 2 days ago...oh and check out her pretty new jammies!) Everytime we put them on her, she runs out to Daddy yelling "Daddy look! So pretty!" It melts my heart and from the look on Michael's face, his too!

Here's the little Diva playing with some of my homemade playdough. I got the receipe from Zachary's Kindergarten teacher, but co-incidentially, the same receipe can be found here (on the sidebar, towards the bottom, I believe)

And finally, here is the Princess cheesin for the camera!!! And I hope I don't get any to muc lip about not having up any pictures of the boys...after all they are in school all day. I will make it up to all of you my lovely readers for Halloween1 I will take soooo many pictures of the boys that you will wanna puke. (ok not really, but you get the point!)

I can't believe how long this post turned out. I guess I had a lot to share! Anyways, thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


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