Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whats Been Going On In McNeil-ville:The Update

It seems like forever since I have been on here and actually wrote something. Today, I will change that. Right now I am sitting here in my couch trying not to fall asleep. WTF? Im sooo tired. It probably has something to do with the weather today. It's grey and rainy and COLD out. I think the high is suppose to be only 61 degrees today. Fall is a'comin folks! My neighbors downstairs are having a birthday party for their little girl Jessi today at Sternenland. We were all invited to go, but seeing as hubs foot is in a cast, it wouldn't be much fun for him to go and watch us all have we sent down a card saying happy bday and that was that. Well, this morning, they came up an offered to just take the boys. How super nice! Hubs heading out here in a few to get some Euro and a present. Im a little bit concerned though bc yesterday Michael gave Z a HUGE way to freaking high for a four year old underdog on the swings at the playground and he must have gotten scared, because he let go.

I kid you not. I almost died right there! I thought for sure we were headed to the Krunken House ( emergency room) with a bloody head. I don't know how that child is as strong as he is. He got three bumps. One crescent moon shape on the back of his head, one on his forehead and one on the top. I made sure he stayed awake for a while before bedtime and then woke him up and asked him questions to make sure he didn't have a concussion. He is fine. I have to tell the neighbors about what happened so they can keep an extra eye on him, especially.

Anyways, yesterday I went school (and me) shopping. I got Mikey all squared away and I got me a really cute pair of jeans and two shirts and a pair of super duper cute Mudd flatts. I have a jean obbsession and always will, so it's no surprise there. I also bought the best smelling spray ever! Well, except for Ed Harty's's called PINK with a Splash Warm and Cozy All Over Body Mist.

MMMM MMMM MMMM! If you haven't sniffed it, I highly suggest you do! It smells sweet and has a hint of cotton candy. YUM!

I finally got over to the toy lending closet for my daycare stuff. And I re-arranged.(anyone who knows me knows that this is no big surprise) Here's some pictures:

**The Play Area**                                                                  **The Quiet Area**
.It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along. I have a cute little circle table (not pictured) and the chairs are on order, according to my FCC director.

So cute!( I need to make the Quiet area a little more colorful ont he walls, I think)
I have to admit though that when I went to the lending closet, I was highly, highly disappointed. Eveything wa like a big storgae warehouse. It was hard to tell what materials I had available to me. UGH. Id like to go over there and help my Director organize it, but thats a hug, time consuming task and frankly, I dont have the time. I expected to have a lot more resources to utitilize...Im thinking doll houses, poster for the walls, labels, play kitchen etc, but that was not the case. I have seen on other installation websites, the things that FCC providers get to use, so I just assumed ( which makes an ass out of u and me) that I would get to get some really kick booty stuff too. Oh well. Anything I buy for my business is now a tax write off, so in the end it's all good, Plus, when we PCS, I wouldn't have to give it all back. See, there's always a bright side to things.

Tomorrow my FCC classes start. After this week and then next Monday, I will be provisionally certified. Do you know how exciting that is???

Also on my plate is a very hard subject Im dealing with. I will not divulge what it is, to protect the innocent (lol) but it's a doozy. I am doing my best to be there for this person and help them through this very long and hard road ahead. Hopefully I wont lose myself while trying to save another.

On to the kids-----

The biggest thing I can think of with the kids has to do with little Miss Hailey. She is talking in sentences people! I went this morning to put her down for her nap and I went to cover her with her blanket (which was mine when I was in the hospital...I was a preemie. and it was in my incubator with me) and she said.......

"No want blankey."

Holy ta-moley! My baby is getting so big. 3 months till she's 2. I cannot comprehend how she can possibly be two already.

As for Mikey and Zachary, they are ready for schooly-wooly to start. I found out that Zachary starts K on Sept. 7th, unlike Mikey who starts Aug 30th. At first I didn't like it. I thought it'd be wayyyy cool for the boys to start together. Oh well. Now, I think it's cool because I can devote indiviual time to each of the boys.

My mom is thinking of heding back to The States for a while to visit. Im going to misss her soooo much! But I know it will be fun for her to be back home. Plus, before she leaves, the hubs offered to watch all the kids so  just me and mama can go to Paris together, ( that has been a dream of mine since I was like 13.) How sweet is that??? Im super excited about that!!!

Speaking of the hubs. He is doing wonderfully on his foot. Since Dr. V yelled at him last time for walking on his foot, he has stayed off it this time. She's going to be so proud. Michael is also trying to quit smoking. He's smoked about 4 cigs in the last 5 days. He went cold turkey for 2 days and then "had to smoke one" Hey, I guess thats not too bad considering he normally smoke a pack a day.

We'll see how that goes. Im rooting for him, I really am. Ive just been there done this with him before.....

Ok, well I think thats all thats new over here in our neck of the woods. What about you guys??? Yes. I will be blog browsing to check up on you all. If I am not following your blog, please leave me a comment and give me the link to your blog....I LOVE new bloggy friends!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday!


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