Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look, Ma. Im a Nurse-maid!

Hahahahaha yup. Thats me. My dream job. Ok, I lie. But it is true. Thats what I have been acting like since the hubs surgery. On top of dealing with the kids issues ( fighting and not listening and just being bored) I am basically a slave to the hub. Man, he is strong. Id be complaining a lot more if I was in his shoes. He is at a dr appointment right now. his forst post-op one. he seems to be healing well if you ask me, but what do I know. LOL.

Ive started drinking coffee again. I am going to need it when I start doing childcare, so I figure why not start early. All I can think about(and research) is daycare stuff. Planning Themes and ideas and art and crafts....and setting up the daycare area. I will be doing infant and toddler care. I will watch 2 infants and one toddler full time. (I have to include my kids in the ratio..which is limited at 6 kids) Im super excited because babies and toddlers are my favorite age!! Plus, Im super glad for Hailey to have a little  girl (hopefully) her own age, to play and learn and interact with.

Plus, anyone who knows me knows how I get "baby fever" every so often, so this is a good option to calm that savage beast! LOL.

In other news, hailey turned 20 months yesterday. TWENTY folks! I just cannot believe that its been almost 2 years since I had her. Time is flying by wayy to fast!

The boys are in full rebellion mode. Completley not listening to me. Ugh. It's frustrating, but honestly, I think it is because they are bored. I am ready for school to start. Just about a month left!

Anyways, Im going to try and set up some more daycare stuff! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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