Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mish Mosh...Pish Paush

Can y'all tell I was struggling with a title!?! LOL. When in doubt, rhyme. Rhyming works wonders. Anyways, it's Wednesday night. The week is near end. Well, tommorrow is my Friday seeing as the last day of school for my Mikey Pie rolls in tomorrow.(and its a half day to boot)

I have a feeling I am in for a long, long haul this summer. The boys have been fighting like cats  and dogs tonight. Zachary has been a butt ( toput it mildly) for like the last week.Not listening at.all. and sassing me back. Then, tonight, I told Mikey to shut off the Tv because he had watched enough and he said no and sat there and blank stared at the Tv like I didn't even talk. He was in time out in the corner for a while after that one.Ugh.

I'm also a fired up because as you all know ( or should  know if you have been reading my blog enough) that my hub for the past month has been guarding the TOC at nights. Well,in the last 60 days, he has literally had 4 days off.I'mnot lying folk. F-O-U-R. Keep in mind that Tuesday was his last day of guard and so we thought he was going to be "home-free" for the last two days.(Friday his company is going on leave for 17 days.)

Well, hub and I couldn't have been more wrong. Today, his SSg. told him that he was going to the field for these last two days. Really? I just fires me up b/c this guy is all nice and polite and considerate seeming when he calls here asking for Michael,but now he seems like an ass. Pardon the french, but we are all grown ups here.....well,most of us are! LOL. He had the power to give my hub these two days off, but he chose to not let him.

Also, a few days agoafter hub got off guard and slept for a few hours, he went to play in a golf tournament with a buddy.Well, apparently some SGT was there that knew Michael's SSg an went and told him that Michael was golfing.

Ummm ya, are you getting this out there in bloggy land???

It was his friggin day off and SSg told my hub"well why should you get a day off when the rest of the company has been in the field busting their As*es off and you have been playing golf."

Yes folks, those were his words.

His exact words.

Now who does this guy think he is? The only way I could see him having any, any right in saying anything about what my husband chooses to do in his leisure time is if for some reason it affected his job performance.
(which as far as I know, it has not.)

So at 11 a.mthis morning, myhub was off to the field for....a day and a half. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not. I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried!!!!

Ugh. I have good mind to march my butt  up to battalion and let them have a piece of my mind.
Maybe, just maybe.

Bad leadership is to blame for this one.I feel like he is being penelized for tearing ligaments in his foot.Like he did that on purpose. Pa-lease. He has been dealing with the run-a-round with the Army about his foot for years now.

Whatever. That's all I have to say about that. WHAT. Ever! I know it sounds like I am super cranky,but honestly, I'm not. There's just a lot of stuff going on at the moment. Hmm what else is up here at The McNeil's?

I am potty training my Hailey. She's doing really well.She tells me when she has too "poo" which means pee so Sometimes she makes it and sometimes she tells me after she has already gone in her undies. OK, enough poo conversation. I'm even grossing myself out...and it's my own kid. And I don't get grossed out easily.

So enough about us. What's going on in your worlds? Yes, I have been blog browsing and have most likey read about it, but I thought I'd ask anyways. ;)
 Alright bloggy blog friends. My back is hurting from sitting in the freakin that's my cue to biz-zounce!

Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you again real soon!!

ps- my space bar key has been sticking so if you see run on words likethisthen you know why. Sorry! :)


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