Friday, June 11, 2010

I Heart Faces--Fix It Friday


                                Basic Fix
Basic Fix
1. Opened in Camera RAW and in Basic Mode:
Temp +18
Exposure neg 1.85
Recovery 100
Fill Light 9
Blacks 13
Brightness +75
Contrast +31
Clarity +22

2. In DETAIL Mode ( the triangle button)
Amount 54
Radius 0.6
Detail 20
Masking 65

I then Opened the Image in PSE 8.

1.Ran Lemon+Honey Action.(made no adjustments to layers and kept "Milky" layer hidden)
2. Grabbed Move tool and dragged Lemon+Honey Fix to Original photo.(decreased opacity to make sure the photos lined up and then bumped the opacity back up to 100)
3. Layer>Flatten

                                Fix 1
Fix 2
1. Same photo as my Basic Fix, just added "Sugar Cookie" Action and unhid the "more contrast" Layer.
2. Layer>Flatten
                                 Fix 2
Fix 3
1.Same Photo used from my Basic Fix, except I added "Sunny Days" Action
2. Layer>Flatten
                              Fix 3
Fix 4
1. Same photo as used in my Basic Fix, except ran Pioneer Woman's BW Beauty Action.
3. Ran Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room Action
    * "Eye Define" layer-I defined eyes using a soft white 16 px brush
4. Layer>Flatten

And that's it!I don't remember where I got the Sunny Days and Sugar Cookie Actions, but I am researching it and when I find out who it is from, I will give CREDIT and let you all know b/c they were free and are sooo much fun to use!

As always, head on over to I Heart Faces to check out more fun edited photos!

******UPDATE: The Actions are from Paint The Moon Photography. Go here
 to downlaod them! They are amazing!!!


Ashley Sisk said...

Thanks for the breakdown - I usually do a better job laying out my steps but I got lazy today. Beautiful work.

Buckeroomama said...

I love your basic edit, plus Fix-It #s 2 and 3. :)

Susan Godfrey said...

Oh wow! I love all of your edits, very nice! Thanks also for putting down what you did for each one. I haven't started taking photos in RAW because I wasn't sure how to use RAW program that comes with PSE, your example will help a lot! Maybe I'll take some RAW photos today :)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your edits! I swear, you will have to teach me how to do these things so I can maybe do photography "not-so-amateurly" haha

Mandi said...

Those are great!!

Cathy said...

You have done a really great job, one of my Favorites so far, I like them all!