Friday, May 21, 2010

I Heart Faces- Fix It Friday

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                                                                  My Edit
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How I Got My Edit:

1.Enhance> Auto Levels
2. Enhance>Adjust Lighting>Shadows/Highlights
   Lighten Shadows- 13%
   Darken Highlights- 0%
   Midtone Contrast- neg. 28%
3. Ran Coffeeshop Babypowder Room Action
   "Smooth Skin" Layer-34 px brush and smooth skin, Opacity 65%
   "Eye Define" Layer-32 px brush , define eyes, Opacity, 21%
4. Layer>Flatten
5. Ran Coffeeshop Pink Glow Action- Hid Pink Glow & Pink B&W layers
6. Ran Pioneer Woman Define Sharp Action
7. Layer>Flatten
8. Grab Quick Select tool,select face and neck.
9. Layer> New Adjustment> Brightness/Contrast
      Bright- neg 5
      Contrast- +16
10. Ran Pioneer Woman Seventies Action
       Mode-Hard Light
        Opacity- 40%
11.Ran Pioneer Woman Fresh Color Action
      light Layer-HIDE
      Soft light layer 19%
       Hue/Saturation layer-Opacity 30%
12. Layer>Flatten
13.Layer>Duplicate Layer
14.Filter>Noise>Add Noise
       Check the Monochrome box and the Uniform Box
15. Grab Eraser tool and brush away noise from face, neck and dress.
16. Ran Pioneer Woman Lovely Action
      Darken Things layer- 34px brush to darken dress
       Lighten Things layer-20 px brush to lighten eyes
17. Ran Coffeeshop Orton Action
       Shadow brightness +9
        Highlight brightness 0
        Contrast +19
         Turn on Color Mute Layer
18. Layer>Flatten
19. Ran Coffeeshop Moody pop Action, turn OFF Moody Pop Layer
20. Flatten and Save!



Shelle said...

Oh this is great! I love how you edited the background clutter! Very nice! Thank you for working on my photo!

Krista said...


Stepping On Cheerios said...

Lovely Edit!

Carmen said...

I love it when you edit photos! =)