Friday, May 14, 2010

I Heart Faces-Fix It Friday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                                  My Edit
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How I got my Edit:
1.Ran Coffeeshop Baby Powder Room Action
    "smooth skin" Layer- used 18px soft white brush to smooth skin a bit
      Mode-Overlay, Opacity-93%
    "lighten skin" Layer-used 18px soft white brush to lighten under eyes a bit.
       Mode-Soft Light, Opacity-10%
    "Eye define" Layer-18 px soft white brush to define eyes.
        Opacity- 100%
2. Layer>Flatten
3.Ran Pioneer Woman's " Define Sharp" Action
    Mode-Normal, Opacity-100%
4.Layer>Merge Down
5.Ran Pioneert Woman's  "Seventies" action
    Mode-Normal, Opacity-100%
6. Layer>Flayyen
7.Grab clone stamp tool and cloned away blemishes using 18px soft white brush
    Mode- Normal, Opacity-100%
8. Image>Rotate>Flip Horizontal
9.Ran Pionner Woman's "Sunshine" Action
    Mode-Soft Light, Opacity-79%
10.Ran Pionner Woman's "baby powder room" Action again
    Click on "smooth skin" Layer and used a 60 px brush, smoothed skin.
11. Grab Quick Selection Tool, 100% Opacity and select both iris'.
       Layer. New Adjustment Layer>Levels
       Bring top left slider to 32.
12. Layer>Flatten
13.Added a Shadowhouse Creations texture "Square 19" over top of picture.
     Mode-Hardlight, Opacity-33%
14.Grab Eraser tool (60 px,opacity 69%) and erased the texture from his face and skin on his arms ONLY!
15. Still using Eraser, drop Opacity to 45% and erase texture from his shirt only. ( not the tie)
16. Added "Golden Bokeh 2" texture
       Mode-Hardlight, Opacity-19%
17. Layer>Flatten
18.Added "Blue Bayou" texture
      Mode-Vivid Light, Opacity-27%
19. Layer>Flatten
*Added my text*


Buckeroomama said...

Your fix is just beautiful... and I love that you transposed it. Great job!

Anonymous said...

love the texture!

Amy Henderson said...

Excellent! Love the tones and everything!

Christina said...

Wow! Thats super cool how you did this! Thanks for working on my photo!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

This is the first edit I've seen where the left/right switch was done. I love it. The soft lighting and clear eyes are great. I went a little crazy with a painted effect. So fun to see all the different styles.

Anonymous said...

I love the edit! I wish I knew how to edit photos like that, I'm still new to the photography world. =)