Friday, May 7, 2010

I Heart Faces-Fix It Friday

                                  My Edit

Here's How I got it!(its a long one!)

1.Duplicate Layer
2.Grab clone stamp tool. Using a soft, white 27px sized brush.(mode-normal,opacity-100%) Select the skin under right eye as source.( Alt+click) Fix dark spot under left eyebrow.Lower opacity to 31%.
4. Ran Coffeeshop Babypowder Room Action
     Click "Smooth Skin" layer and using a soft 48px white, soft brush, brush over cheeks,by corner of left eye,tip of nose,and under nose. Mode-Overlay Opacity-64%
     Click "Lighten Skin" layer and using the same 48 px white ,soft brushlighten under eyes.
       Mode-Soft light Opacity-25%
      Click on"Eye Define" layer. Using 48 px soft, white brush, define eyes.
         Mode-Soft light Opacity-100%
       Click "Bright Eyes" layer.
         Using 17 pxsoft,white brush, brush whites of eyes to whiten.
          Mode-Soft light Opacity 40%
5. Layer>Flatten
6. Ran "Seventies" Action from Pioneer Woman.
       Mode-Normal Opacity-100%
7.Grab Quick Selection tool and outline baby.
    Layer>New Adjustment layer>Levels
     Bring top bblack slider to 22 and bring top right white slider to 243.
8. Select>Reselect
9. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast
           Set Brightness to +18 and Contrast to negative 41
10. Layer>Flatten
11. Ran DPM Color Lab Boost Action
       Click on top layer(with funky duotone gradient) and lower opacity to 61%
12. Layer>Flatten
13.Enhance>Unsharp Mask
      Amt 37%
      Radius 6.5 px
      Threshold 17 levels
14. Grab quick selection tool (set to 34px) and select those big brown circles in those eyes!! =)
15. Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast
       Set Brightness to 25 and Contrast to 10
17.Added a Golden Bokeh Texture (googled it)
      Mode-Normal ,Opacity-23%
18.Grabbed Eraser tool set to 83 px.(Mode-Brush,Opacity-75%)
       Erased texture from babys face,hair and shirt.
(used 16px brush, 25% Opacity for end of babys hair and near the edges)
19. FLATTEN AND SAVE and your done!!!!!



Dani³ said...

Wonderful Vintage-Edit!!

Sereina said...

Lovely edit!

Carrie said...

Love your fixes - PW actions are fun to use!