Monday, May 3, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go.

                                            Well, a hunting I will go. And I should say did.

Ive known I have been needing to get a job. Financially, the hubs has been carrying us for the past.....gulp....ten years! Don't get me wrong. He's done a fabolous job at it! I have always been spoiled by  him ( as well as our kids) However, with our goal of buying our "forever house" when we get back to the States, any additional income would only be a benefit to us!

I got a web address from CYS ( child, youth services) for an Army civilian website for job vacancies. I checked it out and found a good job.

Now most of you wont be thinking "Wow, she scored a GREAT job!!!" In fact, most of you will probably be thinking I've lost my marbles.

What job did I apply for, you ask? You might want to take a seat.

Are you sitting? Holding onto the table or arm rest?

I applied to be.......a..........


HA! You thought I was serious, didn't you? Nah, the Army wouldn't advertise for those kinds of jobs.(at least I hope not!)

I have applied to be a secretary at the local Dental Clinic. Now I know for most of you, you have probaly did secretary jobs like wayy back in highschool or something. In HS, I worked for my Dad's janitorial business cleaning office buildings. My last job (where I met my hubs) I was a maid for the Adam's Mark Hotel in Daytona Beach FL.(its now been bought out by the Hilton)

All my life I have been a manual worker. I have not so secretly always wanted the job where I dress up pretty and always have my hair did. The glamorous job. HA! Now dont get me wrong, I know being a secretary isn't all  bling bling, but it does allow me to dress up. And because its an Army job, I would get great benefits.

What kind of benefits, you ask?


Time Off

Vacation / Leave – Begin with 13 days paid vacation during your first year of federal employment. Your leave allowance increases to 19.5 days per year after 3 years and to 26 days per year after 15 years.

Ten Paid Holidays
Leave of absence for –
Family Care
New born/newly adopted child
Disability or serious illness

Flexible work environments

Flex Time

Job Sharing

Onsite Day Care (at specific locations)

Telecommuting (approved schedules)

Fitness Facilities (at specific locations)

Now I think that is pretty pretty amazing! I am also hoping I get this job for my sanity! Now don't get me wrong, my husband and kids are my EVERYTHING, but I feel like I need to be an "adult" now. Ya know, talk to other adults about something other then whos kid is sick or what they ate for dinner. Whos potty training and whos kid is the brattiest.

I remember what it feels like to work...and get paid for it. I work my boooty off as a SAHM, but there is something as equally rewarding about being a part of the workforce.My Zachary will start Kindergarten (ahhhh!) in August. Mikey will be in Second Grade.(ahhh again!) Hailey will benefit while in Daycare because she will be able to play with (and learn with and from) kids her own age.

In my head, I have already gotten the job. LOL! I have no skills, except that I can type 40 WPM(thanks to blogging and web surfing) I am always always early where-ever  I go. I am friendly and patient. I know how to answer phones and fax/copy things. I can pull files and interact with customers. I AM qualified for this job. Lucky for me, there were NO minimum qualifications for this job. Kinda scary. Is that good or bad? Wednesday is the close date for applications so I will not know one way or another until then. I hope I get it. I decided NOT to use my Military Spouse Emplyoment Preference for Employment (which would give a heads up over the other applicants) Once you use it once, you cannot use it again for his tour here in Germany. Three years is a long time to not have that preference. So, I tried doing it on my own.

Scary. Yet exciting.

The plus side to this also, is that I will have to go shopping. Shopping for work clothes! Awww thats such a shame! HAHAHHA!

Any of you lovely bloggers out there ever been in my situation or one similar? Id love to hear about it and the outcome!


On another note, my LOVE comes home from the field tonight!!!!! YAY! I just realized that means he will be able to go on the trip to Trier with us on May 28th!!!! WOOOOO! My poor love hasn't gotten to explore even one place since he's been here. freaking training!
 The kids are all doing great.Zachary is turning a new leaf. Whenever I ask him to do something his answer is "yes, mommy." in the sweetest most loveable voice ever! I think its helps that I totally gush over it! Im like"on my goodness Zachy you are the best little listener EVER!" or "thank you sooooo much Z. You make my heart sooooo happy when you listen to me!"

He eats it right up!

Mikey man got six compliment cards from his teacher last week. SIX! They were for following the rules.

Um, duh! He is the best behaved kid in school.(no really, Im not just sayng that cuz Im his mama. He really is a well behaved kid. His school record proves it. I will have to show you proof another day though because I have no clue where the heck it is right now and frankly do not feel like looking for it!

He got a pop up book of Animals as his reward. He's soooo happy. I am too. I m happy by boy loves loves loves to read!!! He amazes me with the vocabulary he has at 7!

As for the Diva, she's getting so big too! She has been sicky lately and  has a runny nose. I was in the bathroom (cleaning it) when she came barreling in and headed straight for the T.P. I was about to tell her to back the heck up  move out of the way when she got the T.P and wiped her nose! AHHH! She then proceeded to throw it in the potty(whose lid happened to be up already!) I about died! I can't believe how smart she is. And so verbal too.

Hmmmm what are some of her new words.....

*Ugh oh Toodie
*Thank you Toodie
*She folds her hands when we say prayer at dinner
*good girl Toodie

The girl amazes me! It will be so hard to leave  her and work though. She's my pretty baby girl! Booo! But, it must be done!

Anyways, Im going to get going.

Pot roast in the crock pot for dinner.(and it smells divine already!)

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!


The Bolton Family said...

I was actually thinking about applying for a job here on post as well. I haven't been out of work since I had my son (worked until the day before I had him, then took 10 months off). I got my first job when I was 15, so I'm going stir crazy over here! I babysit kids, a lot of them here and there, but I'd love more than anything to get up every day and go to JOB, not to mention, I heart benefits! Would you mind sending me the site you went through? =)

Oh, and my Hubby comes home tonight as well! YAY! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I saw you began to follow me and I'm sorry that I haven't had the chance to comment/follow you in return!

I'm really paranoid about finding a job once I get married and move down to North Carolina. I did have a secretarial job when I was in high school and I'm trying to avoid doing it again but we will see what happens. I'm so glad that you will get to see the hubby tonight! That's always a highlight to any day. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Well I was a secretary for alot of years let's is a fun job, and good chance to meet lots of people. I'm sure you will be an awesome secretary and good luck I can't wait to hear how it goes, cause I'm sure you are hired too.

Oh and I'm glad to hear the family is doing well and the hubby is on his way home....

Take care