Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fix It Friday--I Heart Faces (A day late!)


My Edit
 How I got my Edit:
1.Layer>Adjustment Layer> Levels
   Top black slider to 26
2.Image>Rotate>Flip Horizantal
4.Ran Coffeeshop Action BabyPowder Room
    Clicked on "Eye Define" Layer,using soft 19px brush, defined her eyes.
6. Ran Coffeeshop Golden Vintage Action
8.Enhance>Unsharp Mask
     Radius-6.5 px
     Threshold- 17 levels
9.Grab Smart Brush tool and outlined her face
    Used "darker" preset and darkened her face.
10. Again, Ran Coffeeshop Babypowder Room Action
       Clicked "Eye Define" layer, using soft 44px brush,again defined her eyes.
         Clicked on "smooth skin" Layer, using soft 44px brush smoothed skin under eyes.
            Mode-Overlay, 25%  Opacity
Click on "lighten skin" layer and lightened skin under eyes.
                 Mode-Softlight, 49% Opacity
Click on "eye define" layer again and defined eyes.
12.Enhance>Unsharp Mask
13. Grab Shapen tool and sharpened eyes and lashes using soft 29 px brush
          Mode- Normal
14. SAVE!


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Kathy said...

Love this edit and thanks for all the details you posted as well!