Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dream Bedrooms.......Hailey's Up First! (Because She's A Girl and I Can Relate!)

I'm going to learn how to sew! *Gasp* That way I don't have to pay crazy money for a (Pottery Barn) wonderful duvet and upolsltered headboard and curtains. But, I can still drool, can't I?!?! We will be buying our Forever home when we get back to the states (in 3 years) and won't be doing any any of this decorating until then, but I figured I would learn to sew and could do some of the fabric stuff now. Yay for projects!

 Isn't this one amazing?!?!?!Look at those sweet little light and all those pillows!
 What a cute Idea to jazz up her closet doors!
 Aren't these just to die for??? I think they could grow with her. What do you think? Would a 15 year old girl like these styles?

                 I could go on FOR-ever but I do have to get the kiddos ready for snoozy time!!! (the watch the last 2 episodes of Season 4 of Weeds!Haven't seen it? It's a MUST! Going tomorrow to get Season 5! Im addicited!!!!)                                                

Photos courtsey of Pottern Barn Kids &!


Tay said...

The closet door idea is my favorite!!! (I found your blog via another mil-wife, love it!)

Sarah said...

You can do it Jen! I just got my sewing machine out for the first time in 6 years about a month ago. Start cutting fabric and realized I lost the petal to my sewing machine =( awaiting it's arrival in the mail... anyways it's not so bad after a bit of practice. Good luck!

Aubrey Anne said...

Are you guys getting out of the Army? I LOVE this idea, and I always wanted a canopy bed!