Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tinkering with Pioneer Woman Actions (The Unwrapped Versions!)

Yes, you all read that correctly! I have been reading through PW Actions UnWrapped! I love how easy and quick actions are to use, but I definitely prefer the old-fashioned way....yup....layer by layer, step by step! Boy did I have fun in the process! I also learned that not every "action" is good for every typ of photo. For example, I think that the Tea Party photo below would be better suited for a photo other then scenery. Also,I was going through some of the I Heart Faces entries and have seen some entries that were done by newbies. I am very hard on myself, but for the first time EVER I realized that I have definitely come further then I give myself credit for. I realize that I have a long way to go, but know I am on the right path! When did you all realize that you made progress in a specific area that you were intrested in?(photography, cooking, baking...whatever it may be.)
It's a cold,rainy day here in Baumholder, so I'm being a super huge bum today! It's 2:30 here in germany and I'm still sitting in my PJ's!!!!!Everyone needs one ( or a few ) of those days, right?!?!
Movers will be here sometime tomorrow to drop off our first shipment of household goods...all our kitchen ware and some blankets and all the rest of our clothes..some rugs and MY CURTAINS!!!You all have no  idea how excited I am to get up some curtains in this house!!! Hopefully the rest of the shipment will be here in the next week and I can say that we are offically settled in! OK, well I'm going to get going. Gotta get things done...the week ahead ( as with all the others) is always busy with school and laundry and entertaining  the troops! Hope you guys have a great rest of your Sunday!


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