Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates...Ya Never Know What You're Gonna Get"

Ain't that the truth! As I type this lovely post to you all, I am using my moms laptop, which is propped up a a tiny upside-down moving box.

Yup. I said a moving box.

Monday and Tuesday were dreadfully long, boring days. The movers came bright and early Monday morning( ok 9 a.m isn't that early!) All day long there was packing and men shuffling through all of my things.My husbands things, and my kids things. Packing tape was the sound of the day. Ugh. I thought that Monday was the oh man was i WRONG!!! I assumed( which I shouls never do, because everyone knows that when you assume something, you are only making an ass out of u and me.....I digress)

But that's what I get. Tuesday was ridicilous!!! Once again, the movers got here around 9 a.m. At around 10:30 my mom, the kids and I all huddled into our teeny tiny little kitchen...........where we stayed until 5:30 that evening.

Yes, folks. You heard that right. That was NOT a type-o! They brought along three fellas this time and they completly occupied my entire upstairs and middle level living area. UGH. It was crazy. The Hailey Munchers was cooped up either in her swing or crawling around like a mad woman trying to escape from a mental instituation. Zachary was surprislingly verrry well behaved. For those of you who personally know my boy Zach, know what a miracle in itself that that is! Mikey was home from school yesterday because, of course, he has ummmmmm how to say it without totally making you lovlies puke.......a loose bottom. Got that? Yeah. I hope it's not spreading around y'alls part of town. It's a nasty lil bugger too!!! So, he was sleeping on the floor oin front of my washer using a moving box for his covers!

Finally. Finally the movers left. I did my final walk through with Tommy( the lead mover) and signed away all my belongings to the care of someone else with hopes it all arrives in Germany safe and sound!! As for the movers themselves....I was pretty impresed. They handled my stuff like it was their own and wrapped everything perfectly.They took apart every.single.thing that could be taken apart.....entertainment center, desks(2), Haileys crib, etc. They eve went so far as to taken the posters out of their glass frames and put them in poster tubes! Im pretty sure our things will arrive safely!!! YAY!

Not only was yesterday very long and boring, but it also wreaked havoc on me emotionally. Now don't get me wrong. I cannot wait to leave Kansas and head out to Germany. It never occurred to me that even though Kansas is not my favoite place ever and I would not choose to live here, this place has been my home for two years. It's where I met one of the best two friends I could have ever asked for. Leaving here is closing the chapter on that part of my life. It's saying goodbye to the memories we have made here. Even though Dave and Selena have been gone to Texas for a while now, seeing all of my things being hauled off just opened that (not so) old wound of my friends leaving. I cried a lot last night thinking of them and all the fun we had and about how much they mean to me. I have a hole the size of the world in my heart and I am dreadfully afraid that it will be there forever. I am truely blessed to know them and to call them my family. I feel like I'm grieving over a death. Is that wrong? I know they aren't dead, but I also know that more thn likey, we will not see each other for a while.......I just want to give Dave and Selena a hug. Just to hold them both. Its soo strange for me to sazy, but I consider Dave as close of a friend as Selena. Is it possible to just click with someone and her husband and have completley seperate friendships? I guess it is. LOL! Both of them bring such joy and unique things to my life.......I have a feeling I am going to be having a difficult time trying to not compare the new peopleI meet in Germany to my dear friends. We have new neighbors next door, and Ive never even met them....partly because Ive been super busy, but mostly because I have no desire to meet them.They are imposters in my friends house. They shouldnt be living there, Dave and Selena should be. I am leaving and I have no desire whatsoever to be friendly and inviting. Do they think Im a giant _____?(fill in the blank with any choice word) Im sure they do. Do I care? Not so much. HA!

Anyways, I talked to my love a few hours ago and saw pictures of our lovely new European home! Its soooo pretty. We still do not have an exact date yet but are hoping sometime the first week of March.The latest would be March 15th.....hopefully not that long. I will not survive. Seriously folks. An airmattress, small tv and paper plates, cups and silverware does not make a merry few weeks. But.....the end is around the corner and I just need to bide my time. No one said I needed to stay sane.Anyways, heres a sneak peek into our new home!

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