Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Real Update

Yes yes. I have been feeling very guilty for only giving a brief update of what has been going on. Sooooo, since my laptop is finally back up and running, here we go!!!

We left good ol' Kansas on New Years Day(at 6 a.m.) and headed south. We arrived in Stockbridge GA at 11 p.m that night. Why Georgia ,you ask? Well, Michael has family there, so we made a week long pit stop!

Starting on the left: Max(with the curls, Michaels cousin) Britney( Max's wife) my Mikey, Sandy(Michael's Aunt) Griffen (Max's brother) Terry(Griffen's wife...and baby!)

While we were in Georgia we stopped at Michael's Uncle Dave's horse farm. It was a blast! There was roosters( who liked to be held like a baby) and a huge pig named Princess and of course....horses.

After Georgia, we headed on down to Port Orange Fl. My family as well as my hubbys mom and brother live here.

Here we all are having a long overdue family dinner at Chilis. From left to right: Zachary,Brittney(brother Chris' girlfriend) Chris, my mom in the back, Stephanie(my brother Bryan's girlfriend) Bryan, Caitlin aka Pippy (my brother Tim's girlfriend) Tim, my dad, and a peeking pretty princess.

my dad and a sleeping Hailey girl.

Ok y'all Im going to take the boys to the playground foe a bit...they need to get their energy out! LOL! Hope you all are having a relaxing day.

Till next time!

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