Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Digging I Have Gone!!!

Yup. I went a digging!!! I was browsing through old photos and look what I stumbled on! Some of my favorites!

Here's my best friends!( ya know, the ones who lived and have since moved to Texas....) Ya...those best friends! Sniff sniff! I Miss you guys!

Here's one of my Princess back in Summer time! Wow has she grown!

I snuck this shot of a parade horse at a fair on post last summer. I LOVE IT! Its one of my all time favorites to just look at!

Mikey's doing "mad eyes" as we like to call it.

Look at that pretty bow.

Look at the love in Mikeys face. So sweet and gentle he is.

My poor Bug hit his head on the bar of the old rusted boat trailer we were taking pictures on. He was not too happy I was snapping away while he was crying, but I promise as soon as I got this shot I gave him big huggies and smooches and he felt better!

*********************in other news*************************************

My love is leaving tomorrow for Germany! The end is in sight!!! Our first date is set with the movers for Feb. 4th. This stuff is the necessities only trip. pillows, blankets pots and pans etc. Then on the 12th-14th, they will be back for the final trip and finish packing and shipping ALL of our household goods to Germany! My mom the boys, hailey and I arent going until mid March so we will have to be roughing it out on air mattresses and stuff from the lending closetr here on post. Good news is that b/c we are shipping our stuff early, we will only have to be in Germany 2 weeks without our stuff! So yay for that!

The beginning is finally just around the corner. it needs to hurry up!

Anyways, its getting late and I need to be up at 5 with the hubs to make sure all the last minute things get finished. Hope you all have a great rest of your night!

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