Thursday, November 19, 2009

Geeze, I suppose It's time for an UPDATE!!!

Hey all you bloggers out there!!

I know, your in shock right now that you are reading this.

An actual post.....

Well, cut me a bit of slack, if you don't mind!!! Things have been a whirlwind here to say the least. Michael has finally got his orders----cut and in hand.(well, they would be if he didn't leave them at the company because he's forgetful! lol.)

He, luckily, got his date postponed to January 29th instead of January 10th!! It's a good thing too, because we have lots to do to get ready. Movers,POV shipment, pets issues, housing inspections and blah blah blah. Michael and I have talked and talked and talked this issue to death and have finally come up with a solution that works the best for us.(or at least we think it's the best choice)

We have toyed around with the idea of all of us going to Germany as a family from Kansas, going to Fl and visiting family then leaving from there to Germany( which was NOT my idea.....there was way toooo many issues involved, i.e. enroll Mikey in school for 2 months in a FL school(aka NON military) so he wouldn't be truant, where we'd stay for 2 months while parents are divorced and my brothers have chosen to live with my dad and my mom lives with her boyfriend at his house....long story.)

Needless to say,the Florida option went out the window. Fast. Hubby likes to make me happy, and while he's no pushover, he conceded! :)

So, now that you got through my long-winded speech, I bet your just dying to know what we decided, huh?!?!?!

Well, here it is--------------------we have decide to have Michael go ahead first and get the housing issue settled and all the in processing that takes place, done with. We plan on being with him by the end of February. Only one month without him. That's cake compared to the 12 I just did!!! This way while he's squaring away our new home front, I will be packing it in on our old home front. Mikey will get to stay in his class for an extra two months this way as well.( super super news!!!!)

Speaking of Mikey----he is an advanced reader for his age range!!!! Isn't that amazing??? He should be, honestly, because we, well I, have read to him since he was tiny......its mind blowing that he reads books to me for his homework. Twelve page ones no less. School is going great for him and he has a Thanksgiving Feast coming up on the 24th so look for pictures, because you know we are going and there will be pictures!!!!

Zachary, is doing good as well. We're currently working on him and his whining, but I think we have been for quite a while. The boy has become an Xbox addict!!!( thanks to Daddy) He lives for it! It got sooo bad that we had to tell him( and Mikey) that they were only allowed to play on the weekends. Sheesh. They definitely do not need to be cooped up all the time zoning out......

As for my Princess.......she's almost ONE!(26th or THANKSGIVING!!) I'm honestly not excited. I feel like I'm in mourning. It's like I just had her two months ago. I can't even believe a year has gone by. She isn't walking yet, just cruising. I will tell you what she is doing though.......hitting.

Yup, I think she has watched he brothers beat the tar out of each other one to many times......

It only happens to me when I have her on my lap and am feeding her. If she doesn't want anymore, she hits the spoon away. Sometimes she hits me. UGH. When she whaps her brothers, they laugh, so I think the poor thing is all kinds of confused as to which is the right thing to do.....She has about 8 teeth. Four top, four bottom.

Hmmm what else........

We are spending Thanksgiving with our great friends( and neighbors) The Richard Family. They are our BFF's here and also happen to be moving as well.......nope, not to Germany with us(BOO) but to Texas. I'm reallllllly looking forward to it because it will be the last holiday we get to spend with them. They leave to go visit family in Cali Early Dec. and clear out of here for Texas for good on the 18th.......sooooooooooooooo depressing!

So, I will move on.

How could I forget??????
What a bad wife.
Shame on me!!!!

My love is going to his E6 board!!!!( DEC. 3rd if all goes as planned!!!) I am sooooo super proud of him. He's an amazing NCO and has already been doing a SSG job while in Iraq, so it's about time he's official!!! He's super excited too!!!

Yup, so that's about all that's new here-----hahahahaha that's all!!!! LOL!!!!
With that ( and a mild case of carpel tunnel right now) I bid you all a goodnight!!!!

Hope everyone out there in Blogland is well.

Till next time........

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