Monday, October 19, 2009

Pink Week

Meet Deborah. She is my husbands Aunt. Her nickname is Bubby and she is an amazing person. She's caring and funny and can make one heck of a stromboli!! She is a daughter. A mother. A wife. A grandmother. A sister. A friend. She could be any of us.

She was diagnosed on June 2nd of this year...yes, it's only been FOUR MONTHS!! There is no history of breast cancer in my husbands family whatsoever. No matter what has been dealt to her,she remains strong,determined, optimistic and full of faith in the Lord. She is doing well and is determined not to let this stop her!

Please take a swing by her blog and tell her hello and share in her journey! She loves to meet new people!

******Note: the above picture was not taken by me, but I felt that she deserved to be recognized.******

Here is the photo I am entering in the challenge.

I hope I won't be disqualified for technically having two pictures in this post!!!

I took it this past Saturday at Mikey's soccer game. There is some pink in there to show support!

"What are we gonna beat???? Breast Cancer!!!!!!"


Ave said...

Great photos!

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M.D. said...

That's the spirit!