Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally some birthday pictures!!

Sooooo sorry these babies are late...I couldn't get them to upload on here. Hey, better late then never, right?!?!?! Enjoy!
The (ever so cheerful) birthday boy on the way to the park for his little party

The cake of this boys dreams!
HAHAHA he's eyeing it!
Don't look too close...(I forgot the candle!) I still made him pretend to blow out Spongebob like he was a candle! HAHA.
We had a great great day! Next birthday up (besides my mom on the 20th) will be little Miss Hailey's ten months.( Nov.26th)

Thanks for being patient and I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful long weekend!

1 comment:

NUGHT said...

this is my favorite backround for your blog that you've had...

I loved the cake, i wish i could have had some... i kinda feel like it was mine too... it was my birthday too... Maybe next year i can talk zach into a dallas cowboys cake.... we'll see.

what kind of cake did you get mikey for his birthday... was it as good... if it was a homemade or a store bought crap cake we will need to hook him up next year so he doesnt feel left out... love you baby... damn near single digits