Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, since my last post, everything has gone back to normal! Mikey was down and out that Friday and Saturday and was better, totally better, by Sunday!( thank goodness)

Zachary went to school today and I left him there with NO CRYING!!! I'm sooo proud of my boy!!! YAY! I'm sure his teachers are happy too! LOL

As for Miss Hailey---she is a crawling machine. I have yet to post pictures of it because I want my hubby to see her in action before everyone else does-----
which brings me to my next update.....the hubs!

26 days and counting! That's three weeks 5 days people! YESSSSS! Its sooo close I can almost taste it but time has been having a way of slowing to (almost) a screeching hault! not cool.
Anyways, Zachary's birthday is on Sunday( along with my hubby's) and Ive ordered him the Spongebob cake he wanted and got his present...shhhhh don't tell but its Spongebob leggos! He's by dying to have these and I will definitely score "the best mommy ever" points!

Saturday we are going over to Selena and Dave's for her Michael Jackson fun day! She's a tad obsessed with him LOL and its basically going to be a fun day with cupcakes, games and MJ music!!!

I signed Mikey up for fall soccor today. He will be in for a few weeks before Michael gets home.....but the GREAT news??? Hubby will get to be here to see him play this time!!! Can you believe it? I remember when I was sitting at his games just wishing he could be there to see him! ahhhhhh-the end is in sight! :)

Making crock pot chicken and stuffing for dinner. MMMM..it smells good in here!
As for my weight loss.....I'm holding steady between 162-163! Although I must admit I haven't ran in a loong time! However last week I did walk 8 miles pushing Hailey in her stroller at the nature trail...so that still counts as exercise, right?

That's all that's new here-----I will be strolling by every ones blog.Just b/c I don't comment sometimes, doesn't mean I'm not reading up about you all!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your Tuesday!!

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The Mrs. said...

I think life with children counts as exercise!

I hope your time flies by till yall are together again!