Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Additions-----

Soooooo-----I got the rug. What do you think? It's the same color as the reds in the curtains and pillows and candles. How lucky did I get? Gotta love Walmart. It's all nice and shaggy too! LOVE IT!!!!Plus, I re-arranged the back wall. I got a bunch of black frames at the dollar store so the wall would look more uniform ( that's for you my love!)
I tried getting a picture of the whole living room, but couldn't get it all in...close enough. Now it is FINISHED!!! Woo Hoo!! :)
Also, here's a candid shot of Mikey and Zachary. They were both having quiet time and I just snuck up on them and snapped a picture....these are the results! HAHAHA!
(Bug is always camera ready, even when I try to do it in stealth mode!)

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Mrs. G.I Joe said...

That definitely completes it! I always thought a rug did wonders for a room:p Love Wal-Mart! My home away from home, ha!