Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Groove, Revised!

So I have been running 3 miles since May 30th. That was my very first time running it. This past week I have been feeling very stuck with my progress. The running plan I laid out is now easy for me. Very rarely do I need to slow down or stop. ( to see the outline, see my May 30th post- Ive Found My Groove)

I talked with the hubby for hours about it today and he told me that it means that I need to up my intensity level. Sooooooo, tonight was my first night at "kicking it up a notch" (Emeril's sooo cool) Here's my new and improved schedule:

Lap2---5.5 mph
Lap3---6 mph
Lap4---6.5 mph
Lap5---5.5 mph
Lap6---6 mp
Lap8---6.5 mph
Lap9---7 mph
Lap10---6 mph
Lap11---5.5 mph
Lap12---6.5 and then 7 mph

Let me tell you all!!!!!! It kicked my booty!!! Seriously! I had to take like 12 ten second breaks in between.(maybe a bit more I didn't really count them) It wasn't my legs that were bugging me it was my lungs! I got so use to running at 5 mph that my lungs weren't working hard. Sheesh. Thet's not the case anymore. They are definitely working!!!!

I completed 3 miles in 36 minutes even. That's a 12 minute mile. ( I previously did a 14 minute mile, 42 min 3 mile)I shaved off 6 minutes from my previous plan's layout!!! Isn't that wonderful?!?! My legs are all rubbery feeling and were a bit shaky right after I finished, but even just sitting here typing this I can feel that they were worked out harder! WOOHOOO! I feel amazing.

I am however have one problem. Whenever I get up to 6.5-7 mph, I get a pain in the arch of my left foot. It feels like its stretching and pulling and burns too. I have no clue what it is so I'm throwing it out there to all of you....does anyone know what the heck it is and how to fix it? It's really cramping my style....hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Anyways, I'm off to shower and settle the youngsters into beddy by because me and the love have a webcam date tonight at 10:15! WOOOO!

Hope you all had a good Saturday and thanks for stopping by!


Teresa said...

Yay! Great job :) It always feels good to know your body can finally handle more doesnt it :)

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

Thats wonderful! As much as I try, I'm STILL not at three miles...More my fault then anything though...I need to be leaving more time to run before I have to head to work so I can improve on this:p Yay for the webcam date!