Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Im Nervous

So I need input ladies!!
Now that I have my new spiffy, shiny photography website up, I feel I'm majorly lacking. I know i know......I'm learning. Ive never claimed to be a pro. Or anything close.I have this huge passion for photography, but does that mean I will have a successful career at it?

I am the type of person who is very detail orientated. My work will be impeccable. Deadline's will be met and a lot of the time they will be met early.I will give 120 % to this and will enjoy it all the way.

I know it will be hard work.Ive been researching professional photographers websites to get a feel for the direction I want my photographs to go in. Ive noticed one huge factor:

You are a professional or your not.

There is no in between. Semi-pro. amature. Those don't exist.
My photos...all of them....pale in comparison. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself. After all, I know i am not a pro. I shouldn't hold myself to that extremely high standard----

I will be the best at this that is possible for me.I enjoy photography with every bit of my soul and I want to capture others' special moments for them to cherish forever.
But am I setting myself up for disaster? Its good to have high standards, but will I ever be satisfied with my work so that I can be proud to show my work to others?
I'm not looking for the kiss ass answer here.....I know I'm being hard on myself. Maybe a little bit more then I should be.
What I want to know is....well I don't know. HA! I totally for the life of me cannot remember where I was going with this. LOL!
Maybe I just needed to vent my worries and fears.
Anyways, thanks all for listening.
If anyone has an suggestions about anything, Id love to hear them( criticism and all)


MamaBear said...

Even the best photographer can name 5 photographers who they think are better than they are. Your worries and fears are very common and completely normal!

I think the way you worded the text on your site made it very clear that you are just getting started. We ALL were there at one point or another in our photography journeys. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the ride!

Photography is an artform and that's the beauty of it! What one person thinks is great another person might scrap.
Case in point:
The picture MckMama posted of the flower girls by the fountain at the wedding I shot for her. I probably would have deleted it if it were me, but she saw something special in it and with some enhancements turned it into a romantic image.

Well that's enough rambling from me tonight huh? I should have been in bed hours ago, but I've been tweaking my new site. It won't be ready to go live any time soon, but it's been fun making it look professional. Baby steps....

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I just hopped over to your website and I think it looks VERY professional girl! Your already so good at this and you're willing to work hard to get better. I know as a consumer of this area, I would love to see the ambition you have in my photographer and also the willingness to keep at it as long as it takes to get it right...That was the one thing missing in the photographer Robert and I used. I am wanting to get photos done of us both and would definitely use you! There great!