Sunday, May 3, 2009

Speechless Sunday---Karma

So this Sunday, I am speechless.Well, almost. Have you ever fallen victim to karma??? Most of us have. Yesterday, someone I know got a heaping dose of Karma served to her.

A while back when I was going to be induced with Hailey, I called up someone who I considered a friend and explained to her that I was in a bind and needed her to watch my boys while I went to the hospital. She told me she couldn't. Mind you this was someone who always threw out the line"I'm here if you need anything." I rarely asked for anything...maybe two times to borrow her GPS. That's it. Nothing major where she'd be like "great here goes Jen wanting another favor" Its not like I was asking her to watch Mikey and Zachary so I could go get my nails done or something. I was having a baby people!!! If you can't count on someone in real times of need, are they really your friend??? I was always wayyy upset by this b/c I would have changed my plans if she came to me in an emergency and needed my help. I always wondered when her karma would strike. I'm usually not a revengeful person, but I felt way betrayed and let down by her, so I wanted her to feel the same let down of a friend. Wrong? Probably.

Anyways, this said girl sent me a message on myspace asking if I would be able to watch her kids while she went to pick up her hubby in Kansas City. He is coming home on R&R and wanted to surprise the kids. As you all know, I went to the doctor and have walking Phamoanya.(sorry bout the spelling of that lol) I'm on antibiotics and everything. I told her this and she seems pissy.She puts up her status as "really. that's how it is, huh?!"Well, yes that's how it is. Her husband is an E6 about to be E7. He can afford to take the shuttle here. I mean really. If you want that bad to surprise your kids, and you have no other way 150 bucks is a small price to pay. Now I'm not going to lie, ity felt a bit nice knowing that I served up a bit of the same feeling of hurt and betrayal that she dished out to me. When my hubby came home on R&Rhe totally split a rental car with other soldiers so he could surprise us all. C'mon.

Does she think I'm lying or something? I know this post is probably sounding very" highschool" but its what I'm dealing with so its up.

Have any of you dealt with friend betrayal? How did you get through it? Are you still friends?
I need some advice on how to handle this "friend" from here on out. Am I wrong for questioning her friendship? Help!


tripletsmake6 said...

I think you did the right thing. It was the only thing you could do. Your sick. You have to be mindful of yourself first because of the kids. I have a friend exactly like that too. It's usually about her and what she needs. If I try to ask her for anything (which I don't do anymore) the answer will be no. Heck if I even try to talk to her about anything it always goes back to her somehow. She's a "different" kind of friend now. We talk on the phone sometimes, get together once in a while, but never ever ask eachother for anything. Believe it or not, it works! It's an unspoken "deal". She knows that I won't baby sit and I know that she won't either.
And my 2 cents on the Posting on Myspace.....very High school!! LOL

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing. You're sick and like you said...what goes around comes around. Deployments are hard but having a baby, while your husband is deployed with no other help and other kids is much harder. She should've been there for you.


MRS Jen McNeil said...

Thanks for you comments! They really have made me not feel guilty anymore. :)

Aubrey Anne said...

Jen, whoever this girl is totally couldn't be counted as your friend if she can't help when you're in the hospital! (I feel EXTRA guilty now for not being around when Hailey was born!!) I'm the same way, I'm not usually a vengeful person, but I do enjoy a good dose of Karma once in a while! I have had several friend situations like this, and I'm sorry it worked out this way for you. :( You did the right thing, you are too sick to be babysitting! And it's not like she's in the HOSPITAL or something!! ;)

MRS Jen McNeil said...

thanks aubrey!! PLEASE dont feel guilty for not being here....although i wish u were here, you made the best move for your family...and thats whats really important!
love you