Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are you Russian? German?

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I went to get the van washed yesterday. I usually never go to this particular spot right off of post because the car wash part is very secluded. I figured I'd give it a try because honestly, I didn't feel like driving 20 more minutes to get to the awesome car wash by Walmart. I took a left and pulled into the gas station driveway. I thought to myself wow. this is a really bad spot for a girl to be alone. I scouted it out and no one was around. No cars. No people. Nothing. alright. I will compromise with myself. I will just vacuum the van and get it washed another day. Yes, yes. That was the plan. I deposited my 75 cents and started vacuuming. Well not 2 minutes into cleaning this old(er) man approached me. He smelled like beer and was rambling on incoherently. He caught me off guard. He proceeded to take the hose from me and mumbled out "at least let me earn my money"
Shit. This isn't good. My mind started reeling. I looked around and no one was around.Still. I knew this damn spot was trouble. That's why I never come her and that's why I had that thought as soon as I pulled in. It was a warning. A hunch. A vision of what was to come. I gave the man 2 handfuls of loose change that I keep in my ash tray. He then kept asking for more. He then proceeded to show me his lump from where he has cancer(by his collar bone) I told him I was sorry but I couldn't offer anymore. He asked me if I was really that tall(I'm 5'10"). I told him I was and then he asked if I was Russian or German. haha. Nope. I told him to have a good day and I got in the van, locked the doors and left. He wasn't scary or threatening, but I feared since he was hammered to hell that this situation could quickly turn sour. I look back on it now and think to myself....How dumb am I??? I always think the best of people, no matter how different they are. I think I need to change that because I could get myself in some trouble very easily. My hubby is going to read this soon and I'm sure he's going to have less then great things to say!( i.e. why were you being a dumb ass) It was definitely quite the experience. Now I will always remember why I don't go to that spot to wash my car. I will never make that mistake again. Ugh. Maybe I should by some mace.......Have any of you had a scary thing like this happen to you?


Aubrey Anne said...

TONS of times!! ESPECIALLY in Kansas, way less in Utah. I swear, every time I say to myself, "this isn't the best idea," I end up in the same kind of situation wishing I hadn't stopped there. Most people think I'm nuts, cause I even take it so far as to not pump gas in the daytime by myself. lol! I might be a little too paranoid, but I'd rather be safe than... well, you know. ;)

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

I hate it when I'm caught off guard like that...And more so when I have my nephews or niece in the car. I get all momma bear on them:p But definitely pay attention to your gut girl...Its your best friend in a lot of uncertin situations! Glad nothing serious happened...Phew!

Anonymous said...

You KNOW you blew him and took his drunken wad all over your face.

Rick said...

All those years of me telling, teaching and warnimg your mother and you kids about doing and not being aware and it could of been all over baby. I'm glad you did what you did though cause I know you would of kicked his butt if he tried to hurt you or your kids huh
love dad