Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End.

The Story
So today was officially Mikey's last game of the season. The lost 2-1 but that's okay. The kids had a blast and that's whats important( according to husband on the other hand might tell you that actually winning is important.LOL) My camera's rechargeable battery has not been able to "recharge" for some time now so I bought a big pack of brand new batteries. I put new ones in this stinking camera 2 days ago and halfway through the game they died!!! This thing is a battery eater! I'm bummed because after the game the team had a team party over at the park near the field. Pizza and cupcakes and juice...oh yeah, did I forget to mention, DEAD BATTERIES?!?!?! Ugh. That makes a wayyy unhappy mama. I sat there watching him play on the playground with his little teammates and took it all in instead. It was a great time and we will be doing soccer again as soon as we can sign up!! Although Mikey is now saying that he wants to do football. Yikes! I don't think they do football in 1st grade, do they?? Anyways, we are off to a birthday party for Zachary's friend Shane at 4. Im pooped and really want to make up an excuse to not go, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?? I just wont stay for a long time. :) wink wink!!!!

What do you wonderful ladies(and men?!?!) have planned for today and the rest of your weekend? Id really like to know!!

I leave you all with some pictures------------------------------

The Trophy The Pictures

Look at the Bug at the game!
And the Princess too! HA.

Run Forrest, run!
Good block Michael, Thanks!
MY BOY THE GOALIE!!!( he drop kicked it in too!!!)

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Aubrey Anne said...

Aw, Josh is almost done with T-ball, and I'm going to be sad! He loves it!! (and I love watching all the little kids run around without a clue! lol) Sorry about your camera!! I haven't had a camera for months, lol.