Sunday, April 12, 2009

Read and Respond

The Statement
"I don't want to hate them. I just want to make sure we have an understanding. Leave us alone and let us do our job, we're trying to get out of your hair. I promise not to be a d*ck unless I have even the slightest inkling that I could be at risk, so when I'm in the states, I promise, I'm a nice guy. Just keep your distance, forgive the intrusion, this wasn't my idea, but I got a gun, and you guys got bombs, and I'd feel a lot worse putting an innocent deer down than I would some guy with a boomboom vest. Innocent deer tastes good, too. So y'see where I stand, right? Exactly. That's why YOU stand way the f**k over THERE. Thanks pal. Just doing my job, wait it out, ok? See you at the World Cup."
  • ( quoted from The Un-likely soldier @ ...Click on Part Four at the bottom of his top post. It will bring you to, well Part Four of his blog.( where this statement can be found)

    The Response( by my hubby)
    priceless.... its funny cause even those i don't approach them from this vantage point... i know a lot who do... i think you managed to embody about half the soldiers who are over here with this comment.... this is the overall feeling of a lot... my approach is a lot less paranoid and a lot more willing to end the life of a perceived threat... not that it makes much sense, i just don't try to control the uncontrollable.... i very much want to make it back but i recognize that its not my call... I'm at the mercy of the Almighty.... I'm willing to stand and talk and be around any of them... is that counter productive to my wanting to life.... sure, it can be.... i just kinda let the chips fall where they may... i also have no contention with killing someone who i think MIGHT be a threat... my feeling is if you put yourself in a position where i can perceive you as wanting to do me harm... its your fault.... even if harm wasn't your intent... it makes no difference to me.... I'm willing to be lax on the distance between us as long as your aware that there are certain rules that i play this game by... if you break one of my rules or i think that you might.... game over.... its worked for me so far... i think i may be to willing to pull the trigger and more willing to engage them in a perceived comfortable manner.... i find myself sometimes 20 meters away from my squad by myself in sector shooting the shit with the locals... my squad isn't comfortable enough to do this.... they watch me but from a distance.... i will be surrounded by sometimes 6-7 Iraqi's by myself... i don't know if I'm tempting faith or what I'm doing....i do stay very aware of what everyone is doing around me and I'm armed.... sometimes i find myself hoping for one of them to try something....but they never do.... maybe I'm just f-ing crazy..... i don't know... what ever happens, happens i guess....

    ***I felt that I should post this because my husband never ceases to amaze me. The things he sees and has to rationalize in his brain is beyond my comprehension.**** I love you hubby, and for God's sake.....STAY SAFE!!!

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Hannah Noel said...

I really don't want my future hubby to deploy.