Saturday, April 18, 2009


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romantic Pictures, Images and Photos

As I'm sure many of you gals are, I am a lover of chick flicks. P..S I love You is no exception!!!! We have Netflix, and I originally cancelled the account because watching movies was a"me and hubby'' thing. After the kids went to bed, we'd pop in the latest arrival and cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn.

I just didn't see myself ever watching movies by myself while he is gone. I don't know whats changed, because lately I have been a movie watching fiend!! It must be because at night I'm lonely and when I watch a movie after the kids are in bed I feel like I am connecting with my love. Is that weird? Probably. Oh well.

Anyways, back to P.S. I Love You................Ive seen it many many times before, but just got it in the mail yesterday. Who am I kidding.....its actually been here for about 5 days now. I keep trying to find the perfect time to try and fit it in to watch it, but something always comes up. Monday night I watch the Hills on MTV.Soccer practice Tuesday and Thursday.( we get home at 8 then its baths and snacks and bed time, lunch to be made, school clothes to be laid out...blah blah blah)Wednesdays are LOST night...needless to say nothing else will be watched that Fridays are girls night with me and my bud Selena. We usually watch movies over here and drink some girl beers.(wine coolers) That hasn't been happening lately because her husband Dave has found a new friend at work and him and his (pregnant) wife have been hanging out with them......I really miss our nights, but I have to share! hahahahaahha.

The past two weeks we have all been fighting off a nasty....and I mean nasty...stomach bug. Ive been wayy tired and have been going to bed a little bit after the kids are asleep. Today, however I feel much better and I think I'm feeling in the mood for a good ol' cry........... this is where they

p.s. i love you Pictures, Images and Photos come in!!! This is THE BEST ROMANCE MOVIE EVER!!! That's right...I said EVER! In my opinion it beats out The Notebook and that was a great movie!

So my somewhat reoccurring readers.........I ask you this........
What is your favorite "chick flick" of all time???

Also, here's my list of movies I want to see:
1- Obsessed
3-Observe and Report
5-I love you Man
7-More Then A Game
8-Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Anyone have any other good ones that I missed?? Comment me!!!


Sparkette said...

Oh that was such a good movie :)

My fav chick flick...gonna have to come back to you on that one :)

MamaBear said...

My favorite movie is Return to Me but my hubby likes it just as much so maybe that doesn't qualify?

I also love Ever After and Walk to Remember.

NUGHT said...

thats funny.... two of the movies you want to see... i own...and have watched... the knowing, and duplicity....

back to the chick flick thing... i think from a male perspective... when you can hide the fact that romance or love is the central theme of a movie, you stand a better change connecting with a male... or if you create such a stong male character that most men can connect with, to some extent, thats how you get males into the movie... examples.... the notebook has a very strong male charactor... men dont find it hard connecting with the way he acts and feels... i loved the notebook... great movie.... another example is slum dog millionare..... WOW, this movie was awesome.... you see it coming at the beginning, but they do a great good of hinding the fact that the movie is about love... it doesnt seem like a love story.... but slowly as the movie plays out the love theme becomes more appearent..... by the end you really feel and connect with the fact that this movie is a thru and thru love story, a great one at that... the other elements of the movie play to a mans interest.... those slesments seem to be at the forefront of the theme... its a trap.... by the time you get into it you realize that your watching a love story....

now... PS i love you.... pure chick flick... ive seen it... it was ok... it was geared towards women from the title to the credits.... i dont think it tried to capture the male audience.... SLUM DOG MILLIONARE... if you havent seen it... watch it... best movie i have seen this year so far....